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a (permanent) fixture in-on mya 15 minute walka bad dream
a bad eggA bad excuse is better than noa bad quarter of an hour
a bad riskA bad workman blames his toolsa bad write-up
a baffled looka ball of ice-creama ball of string
a ban on the import of sth.a bang for the bucka bar of chocolate
a bar to further proceedingsa bare ten minutesA beggar may sing before a pic
a big deala big shota big slice of luck
a big-wigA bird in the hand is worth twA bird in the hand is worth tw
a bit of ...A bit of what you fancy does ya bit
a bitter pill to swallowa blanket statementa blatant lie
a blazing infernoA blind man may perchance hit A blind man should not judge c
a blob of mustarda bolt from the bluea bomb outrage
a book which takes a critical a booming citya born fool
a bottomless pita bowdlerized versionA breeze has sprung up.
a broad hinta broad laughtera broken arm
a cake of soapa capital mistakea captive audience
a careful documentation of thea careless personA carpenter is known by his ch
a case of dog-eat-dogA cash discount of ... % is alA cat in gloves catches no mic
a certain meala change in directiona chat over coffee
a cheap tricka cheeky brata cheque drawn in your favour
a cheque for Euro 100a childa child by him
a choice of productsa class aparta classic example of sth.
a clear agreementa clear consciencea clever move
a cloak and dagger operationA close friend can become a cla cobbled street
a common booba common sayinga common sight
a complete and utter waste of a complete waste of efforta concerned look
a congenital liara considerable amounta considerable number of undet
a constant check is kept ona constant featurea continuous line
a continuous road-rail linka contradiction in itselfa couple of days
a couple ofa crafty bitchA creaking door hangs long in
A creaking door hangs longest.a criminal twistA crown is no cure for a heada
a crushing defeata cut aboveA danger foreseen is half avoi
a dark horsea dark secreta dash of
a dash of mysterya dashed linea daughter of Eve
a daunting taska dead ducka decent fellow
a declared-pronounced opponenta defective conditiona definite interest clause
a delicate mattera deluge of complaintsa demonstrably wrong report
a desert islanda detailed recorda disastrous flop
a discussion on the topic of fa dish of ...a dish of ice-cream
a dishy birdA dispute broke out.a distinction without differen
a downright liea downward trend (in sth.)a drawing, heightened with whi
a drunken mana dry winea fair amount
a fair premiuma fair suma fair swindle
a false sense of securitya falsified documenta family blesed with a large n
a far cry from sth.a fast friendA fat belly, a lean brain.
A fat lot I care!a fatal accidenta favourable reply
a feeling of ... came over mea feeling of blissa feeling of sorrow
a fewa fewa few of
a few scraps of Englisha few scraps of informationa few steps from here
a few timesa figure in the hundreds of mia figure in the tens of millio
a filling meala film with a top-class casta fine day for ducks
A fine excuse!a fine figure of a manA fine friend you are!
a flash in the pana flight of stepsa fluent speaker
a flurry of excitementA fool asks more questions in A fool can always find a great
a forced smilea foregone conclusiona fortune
A friend in need is a friend iA friend in need is a friend iA friend in need is a friend i
A friend in need is a friend ia friend of hima friend of ours
a friendly turna fruitful cooperationa full complement
a fun guya further 50 are in prospecta game of chess
a gazilliona genius of the first watera genuine Rembrandt
a German patent nutritional sua gesture of solidaritya gifted musician
a gladdening experiencea glass of waterA glorious mess!
A golden key can open any doorA golden key opens every door.a good bargain
A good book is a great compania good deal of ...a good deal
A good friend is my nearest reA good lather is half the shavA good man thinks of himself l
a good manya good manya good many times
A good marksman may miss.A good name is better than ric
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