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activeactiveactive agent
active agentsactive bondsactive buyers
active capitalactive circuitactive crater
active data link channelactive debtactive demand
active driveactive elementactive employment policy
active fileactive filteractive folder
active graphicsactive head restraintsactive inventory
active life tableactive lightactive lights
active lineactive loadactive market
active pageactive paperactive participant
active partneractive poweractive principle
active programactive repair timeactive resitance
active stateactive stationactive storage
active trade balanceactive tradingactive transit trade
active two terminal networkactive volcanoactive zone
activelyactively tradedactively working
activity accountactivity accountingactivity analyses
activity analysisactivity areaactivity based costing -ABC-
activity chainactivity chainsactivity charge
activity coefficientactivity coefficientsactivity control
activity descriptionactivity durationactivity file
activity filesactivity headactivity holiday
activity levelactivity logactivity network
activity pointactivity rateactivity ratio
activity rayactivity raysactivity request packet
activity samplingactivity scheduleactivity schedules
activity varianceactivityactivity
actsactsacts of desperation
acts of god exceptedacts of reprisalacts of revenge
acts of stateacts of terrorismActs of the Apostles
acts of violenceacts of volitionacts of war
actualactualactual address
actual address keyactual address keyactual amount
actual amountsactual attainmentactual authority
actual balanceactual capacityactual cash value
actual clearanceactual codeactual cost
actual cost of work performedactual cost systemactual count
actual dataactual deathsactual decimal point
actual delivery timeactual earningsactual evaporation
actual figuresactual finish dateactual interference
actual keyboard failureactual lifeactual loss
actual manhoursactual outlayactual output
actual porosityactual possessionactual premium
actual quantityactual receiptsactual result
actual securitiesactual sizeactual start date
actual stateactual stockactual stowage
actual tax loadactual thicknessactual throughput
actual timeactual total lossactual truth
actual valueactual valueactual value method
actual(ly), real(ly), strictlyactualismactualities
actuallyactuallyactually only
actuarialactuarial basisactuarial calculations
actuarial loanactuarial projectionsactuarial return
actuarial tableactuarial theoryactuarial valuation
actuating cylinderactuating cylindersactuating force
actuationactuation signal
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