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a good posta good reputationA good servant must have good
a good shotA good sleep is very beneficiaA good start is half the battl
a good stroke of businessA good tale is none the worse a good team
a gradient of one in twentya grain of trutha grand
a great deal of worka great leap forwarda great many
a great pile of worka great sensationa group of people
a guilty conscience (about)A guilty conscience needs no aa half-hour delay
a hammering noisea hand-compiled lista hand-to-hand fight
a handful ofa handsome manA happy outcome is worth waiti
a hard casea hard fighta haunted look
a haven of peacea heck of ...A hedge between keeps friendsh
a hefty billa hell of a lota high amenity district
a high foreheada high-publicity eventA higher price can be charged.
a highly explosive political sa highly risky undertakinga highly-paid-well-paid job
a hoary relica host ofa hot potato
a hot tempera house surrounded by greenerya house which is easy to run
a house with a gardena hundred per centa husky voice
a judgement of Solomona judicial authoritya killing glance
a kind ofa knight in armora knight in shining armour
a knob of buttera lady of easy virtuea lame duck
a lame ducka lay opiniona leap in the dark
a level teaspoonA levelsA liar is not believed even wh
A lie has no feet.A lie never lives to be old.a lie that is easy to see thro
a life full of incidentsa life of vicea lifer
a literal translationa litter of booksa little
a little bitA little knowledge is a dangera little money
a little morea little somethinga little too much
a little way awaya little whilea living hell
a long guessa long timea long time ago
a long walka long way offa long way round
a long-lasting valuable investa long-standing employeea longer life
a longtime frienda look full of hatea look of disdain
a look of trepidationA look towards the sky.a loose translation
a lost gameA lost opportunity never retura lost sheep
a lot easiera lot of worka lot of
A lot you know (about it)!a lovely spota low and deceitful person
a low-traffic roada luxury we cannot afforda mad rush for
a madcap ideaa major differencea man of genius
a man of principlea man of steela man of vast reading
a man of visiona man of your staturea man with a three-day growth
a marked increase (in sth.)a marked interesta matter of discretion
a matter of national concerna matter of recordsa matter of relative importanc
a means ofa means to an enda memorable day
a mental blocka mere nothinga mighty concourse of people
a mighty rockA mill cannot grind with the wa million times
a ministering angelA minora minor incident
a misspellinga mistake on your parta misty-eyed view of the past
a model womana modicum of trutha monkey with a tin tool
a monster of wickednessa moot pointa moral imperative
a muddlea multi-year budgeta musical delight
a musta mystery tour of Romea nameless feeling
a narrow escapea naughty little beggara neat car
a neat guya neat whiskya negative attitude
a never-ending jobA new broom sweeps clean.A new broom sweeps clean.
a nice guya nice messa no-show flight
a non juringa normal mortala north country compliment
a notorious establishmenta novel by ...a number of things
a one-week projecta pack of cardsa pack of lies
a packet of cigarettesa painting dated 1890a pair of compasses
a pair of pincersa pair of scalesa pair of scissors
a pale imitationa paltry three shillingsa pancake broken up with a for
a passing fancya patch of gardena pathetic bunch
A penny for your thoughts.A penny is sometimes better spa perfect dream
a person of contradictionsa person of integritya person with no scruples
a pervertA picture is worth a thousand a piece of ...
a piece of cakea piece of dataa pinch of salt
a pious hopea place in the sun
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