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a place to staya plain sailinga play by Shakespeare
a poignant remarka point of honoura pointed remark
a pondering silencea ponderous persona poor devil
a poor policya posterioria posteriori
a posteriori knowledgea pot of coffeeA precious mess!
a pretty pennya prioria priori
a priori knowledgea priori probabilitya privy matter
a prodigy of learninga prolific breedA promise is a promise.
A prompt answer (reply) would a prompt answera property
A prophet has no honor in his A prophet has no honour in hisA prophet is not without honor
a proven facta punch below the belta put-up affair
a quack doctora qualified yesa quarter
a quarter past 8a quarter to 10a queasy feeling
a quick word of advicea quiver full of childrena rapid development
A rapid response would be appra re-enacted scenea ready-made suit
a reasonable timea reel of cottona reel of film
a relation of minea remarkable coincidencea repentant sinner
a requirement in a credita respectable banka revolutionary discovery
a ridge of high pressurea ripple of laughtera roll of banknotes
a roll of paperA rolling stone gathers no mosA rolling stone gathers no mos
a round liea round of toasta rule of great generality
a run (streak) of good lucka run of lucka safe guess
a scarce copya scientist of distinctiona scorching heat
a score of peoplea scourgea screen of indifference
a seasonable offera seasoned campaigner for humaa seasoned traveller
a second helpinga self mana sense of foreboding
a sense of occasiona set locutiona set of rules for
a shady pasta shaggy-dog storya sheet of paper
A shiver ran down my spine.a short spacea short statement
a short while agoa short while agoa shot in the arm
A should be used in preferencea showy dressA shut mouth catches no flies.
a sight for sore eyesa sign marked "BBC"A silver key can open an iron
a sizable incomea slam dunka slap on the back
a slice of the cakea slight hopea slight variance of opinion
a slug of whiskya smack in the eyea smooth customer
a snappy come-backa snatch of musica solid hour
a sop in the panA sorrow shared is a sorrow haa sort of Danish pastry
a sound beatinga species of dung beetlea specified period of time
a speech full of emotionsa spoilt brata spot of
a square deala stable trend (in sth.)A stain clings to him.
a statement in writinga statesman of high calibrea steady flow of goods
a steady rise in pricesA steeringa stern warning
A stitch in time saves nine.A stitch in time saves nine.a stoop
a story for reflectiona straight answer to a straigha straight choice
a strange old birda string of carsa stroke of good fortune
a strong languagea stunned silencea stupid brat
a subjective and hence problema substantial amounta successful composer
a suitable offera suitable solutiona superimposed clause
a superimposed notationa sure-fire methoda survival job
a tactile fabrica tada tad big
a tad smalla tale of woea tempest in a teapot
a ten a pennya third partyA thorough checkup was made of
A thought flashed through my ma thousand and onea thousand things
a thousand timesa three-course set menua thrusting politician
a thunderstorm that clears theA tidy house, a tidy mind.a tiny hole
a tough jobA trade in hand finds gold in a tragic occurrence
A train ran off the rails.a translation from German intoA tree must be bent while it i
a trifle bemuseda trifle too ...a trouble area
a trough of low pressurea trough of low pressurea turn for the better
a turn for the worsea two month perioda two-story building
a two-year guaranteea tyre out-of-balancea vein of truth
a very broad fielda very inconvenient timea very tenacious link
a vexed questiona vicious persona vision in white
a voyage across the desert-ocea voyage in space and timea waft of cool air
a warped minda waspish tonguea week ago
a well matcha well thumbed booka well-established teaching me
a wet daya whole lot
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