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asynchronous start stop interfasynchronous system trapasynchronous transfer mode -AT
asynchronous transmissionasystoleat
at (for) a reasonable priceat 10 degrees below zeroat 10 minute intervals
at 8 or thereaboutAt 9 things started to get livat a 4 percent discount
at a discountat a distance ofat a distance of 25 metres
at a gallopat a glanceat a good clip
at a great speedat a high profitat a later time
at a later timeat a lossat a pinch
at a pleasant temperatureat a pushat a range of
at a rate of ...at a ratio of 4 to 1at a sales presentation
at a slantat a stretchat a time
at a touchat a trotat all costs
at all eventsat all eventsat all events
at an all-time lowat an annual rateat an early hour
at an early stageat another timeat any one time
at any priceat any timeat best
at bestAt best he will come in fourthAt best this is an attempt.
at breakat break of the dayat breakfast
at breakneck speedat callat Christmas
at churchat close quartersat close range
at compile timeat constant pricesat cost
at costat costat court
at current pricesat dead of nightat dinner
at due dateat easeAt ease!
at Easterat every turnat eye-level
at fast speedat federal levelat first blush
at first glanceat first sightat first
at full blastat full peltat full speed
at full timeat full volumeat given rate or better
at great expenseat ground levelat ground level
at group levelat half (the) priceat half-mast
at haphazardat heartat home and abroad
at home dayat issueat it
at largeat largeat least
at leastat legal interestat leisure
at lengthat long lastat low prices
at lunchtimeat maturityat most
at my expenseat my requestat night
at nightat nightfallat no charge
at no chargeat noonat object time
at odd timesat off-peak hoursat once
at onceat onceat one extreme, ...
at one fell swoopat one goat one time
at optimal costsat parat personal inconvenience
at point-blank rangeat presentAt present I have a different
at present, for the time beingat presentat present
at prime timeat randomat reduced prices
at request ofat roostat run time
at seaat sea levelat short notice
at sightat signat sixes and sevens
at speed of lightat start timeat sunrise
at sunsetat tableat ten at the latest
at that timeat that timeat that time
at the amount ofat the back of the houseat the bar
at the beginningat the beginningat the beginning of the month
at the beginning of the yearat the beginningat the beginning
at the bottomat the bottomat the bottom of
at the bottom of the tableat the centreat the close (of the market)
at the crack of dawnat the crest of his fameat the door
at the driving endat the drop of a hatat the earliest
at the edge ofat the end of the village-townat the entrance of the village
at the expense (of sth.-sb.)at the expense ofat the expense of the environm
at the faceat the fan festat the first go
at the first onsetat the first opportunityat the front
at the headat the headat the head
at the inducement ofat the instigation ofat the latest
at the loading berthat the lower of cost or market
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