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Blue & Black Tanagerblue & gold damselBlue & Gold Tanager
Blue & Grey Sparrow HawkBlue & White FlycatcherBlue & White Mockingbird
Blue & White SwallowBlue & Yellow MacawBlue & Yellow Tanager
blue angelBlue Angelsblue beret
blue beretsBlue Bird of Paradiseblue blood
Blue BonnetBlue BuntingBlue Bustard
Blue Chaffinchblue cheeseblue chip
blue clayblue color botiablue color botias
blue colourBlue CotingaBlue Crane
Blue Crowned PigeonBlue Dacnisblue damsel
blue dot jawfishblue dot sleeper gobyBlue Eared-Pheasant
blue eyedblue face angelBlue Fantail
blue filterblue filtersblue fin (dwarf) angel
Blue FinchBlue Flycatcherblue funk
blue girdled angelblue gouramiBlue Grosbeak
Blue Ground DoveBlue Grouseblue gudgeon gobies
blue gudgeon gobyblue head tilefishBlue Jay
blue jeansBlue Madagascar CoucalBlue Mockingbird
Blue Mountain Vireoblue mudblue panchax
Blue Paradise FlycatcherBlue PetrelBlue Pitta
blue printblue reef chromisblue ribband
blue ribbon eelblue rinseBlue Rock Thrush (Monticola so
Blue SeedeaterBlue Shortwingblue spinel
blue spot butterflyblue spotted angelblue spruce
blue stainblue star damselblue stripe (anemone) clown
blue stripe butterflyBlue Swallowblue tang
Blue Tit (Cyanistes caeruleus)blue torpedo gobyBlue Vanga
blue velvet damselblue wildebeestblue wildebeests
blue with coldBlue WrenBlue Wren Warbler
Blue-back GrosbeakBlue-backed ConebillBlue-backed Fairy Bluebird
Blue-backed ManakinBlue-backed NiltavaBlue-backed Pitta
Blue-backed TanagerBlue-banded KingfisherBlue-banded Pitta
Blue-banded ToucanetBlue-beared Bee EaterBlue-bellied Roller
Blue-billed Black TyrantBlue-billed CurassowBlue-black Grassquit
Blue-black Kingfisherblue-bloodedBlue-breasted Banded Rail
Blue-breasted Bee EaterBlue-breasted KingfisherBlue-breasted Niltava
Blue-breasted WrenBlue-browed TanagerBlue-capped Babbler
Blue-capped Cordon-BleuBlue-capped Fruit DoveBlue-capped Puffleg
Blue-capped Rock ThrushBlue-capped Tanagerblue-carbon leaf
Blue-cheeked AmazonBlue-cheeked Bee EaterBlue-cheeked Bee-eater (Merops
Blue-cheeked FlowerpeckerBlue-chested HummingbirdBlue-chinned Sapphire
blue-chipblue-collar unionblue-collar worker
blue-collar workersBlue-collared ParrotBlue-crowned Barbet
Blue-crowned ChlorophoniaBlue-crowned ConureBlue-crowned Hanging Parrot
Blue-crowned LoryBlue-crowned ManakinBlue-crowned Motmot
Blue-crowned Racket-tailed ParBlue-crowned TrogonBlue-eared Barbet
Blue-eared KingfisherBlue-eared Loryblue-eyed boy
blue-eyed boysBlue-eyed CockatooBlue-eyed Cormorant
Blue-faced BoobyBlue-faced HoneyeaterBlue-faced Parrot Finch
Blue-footed BoobyBlue-fronted AmazonBlue-fronted Callene
Blue-fronted LancebillBlue-fronted LorikeetBlue-fronted Niltava
Blue-fronted RedstartBlue-grey GnatcatcherBlue-grey Noddy
Blue-grey TanagerBlue-headed Bee EaterBlue-headed Coucal
Blue-headed Crested FlycatcherBlue-headed FantailBlue-headed Flycatcher
Blue-headed HummingbirdBlue-headed MacawBlue-headed Parrot
Blue-headed PittaBlue-headed Quail DoveBlue-headed Redstart
Blue-headed SapphireBlue-headed SunbirdBlue-headed Wagtail
Blue-headed Wood DoveBlue-headed Wood KingfisherBlue-hooded Euphonia
Blue-mantled ThronbillBlue-masked LeafbirdBlue-naped Chlorophonia
Blue-naped MousebirdBlue-naped ParrotBlue-naped Pitta
Blue-naped SunbirdBlue-necked JacamarBlue-necked Tanager
blue-penciledblue-pencilingblue-print paper
blue-remaining covelliteBlue-rumped ManakinBlue-rumped Parrot
Blue-shouldered Robin ChatBlue-spotted Wood Dove
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