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footroot bonefootroot bonesfootsore
forfor a changefor a consideration
for a feeFor a flying enemy make a goldfor a lark
for a livingfor a long timefor a long time
for a moment (I thought)for a short term onlyfor a short time
for a songfor a songfor a space
for a specific purposefor a spellfor a while
for a wonderfor action (on a routing slip)For all I care!
For all I care.For all I know ...for all that
for an additional chargefor an appropriate feefor and against
For aught I know ...for better or for worsefor better or worse
for certainfor daysfor days afterwards
for decadesfor dinnerfor distinction
for domestic usefor environmental reasonsfor ever
for evermorefor example -e.g.- (exempli grfor experimental purposes
for fear offor financial reasonsfor free
for funfor funfor fury
for goodfor health etc reasonsfor her sake
for hirefor his sakefor hours
for inspectionfor instancefor keeps
for lack of evidencefor lack of spacefor lack of time
for lack offor lack offor less than
for logical reasonsFOR loopfor many years
for many yearsfor measly ten poundsfor miles
for months afterfor more thanfor my own edification
for my sakeFor my sake!for no apparent reason
for nothingfor nothingfor obvious reasons
for official use onlyfor oncefor one another
for one person (only)for oneselffor ornament
for over two monthsfor peanutsfor political reasons
for professional reasonsfor promotion purposesfor reason of internal policy
for reasons of agefor reasons of safetyfor retention
for salefor salefor seconds
for several daysfor several monthsfor several voices
for several weeksfor some timefor some time past
for special dutyfor spot cashfor such occasions
for surefor take awayfor that matter
for that purposefor that reasonfor the attention of
for the benefit offor the benefit of mankindfor the better for the worse
for the first timefor the first time in a long wfor the following reason
for the fun of itfor the futurefor the hundredth time
For the last time, no!for the most partfor the present
for the purpose offor the purpose offor the purposes of this direc
for the recordfor the sake of brevityfor the sake of completeness
for the sake of orderfor the sake of varietyfor the short time
for the time beingfor the time beingfor the time being
for the worldfor themselvesfor this purpose
for three voicesfor various reasonsfor want of
for want offor weeksfor what reason
for whatfor whatever reasonsfor which
For whom the bell tolls ...for yearsfor you
for your attentionfor your attentionfor your information
for your information -FYI-for your own sakefor yourself
foragingforaging ant
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