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He gives him the fluff.He gives me a lot of trouble.He gives me a lot of trouble.
He got a bad break.He got away by the skin of hisHe got his just deserts.
He got his own way.He got it in the neck.He got nowhere.
He got off with a slap on the He got the shock of his life.He got the yellow card for blo
He got up on the wrong side.He had a fine old time.He had an alcohol level of 150
He had better take care!He had forty winks.He had his hair cut.
He had it coming to him.He had lost the thread of the He had no money on him.
He had presence of mind.He had the good sense to ...he had the impudence to ...
He had to do it.He hardly had time to breathe.He has a bad handwriting.
He has a black eye.He has a day off.He has a distinct penchant for
He has a finger in the pie.He has a fixation about footbaHe has a good grasp.
He has a grudge against me.He has a lot of experience of He has a lot of work.
He has a mother fixation.He has a poor hand.He has a say in the matter.
He has a say too.He has a sharp tongue.He has a short fuse.
He has a temperature.He has a very keen mind.He has bats in the belfry.
He has been charged with theftHe has been getting nowhere.He has been the talk of the to
He has been to see the doctor.He has been treading water.He has brains.
He has broken his leg.he has completely spent outHe has established himself as
He has fond hopes of winning.He has found me a job.He has fulfilled his obligatio
He has gone to rack and ruin.He has gone to the dogs.He has got full-blown AIDS.
He has him on toast.He has lost his wind.He has made a perfect fool of
He has no kick left.He has no manners.He has no right to.
He has no say.He has not a spark of decency.He has not his fellow.
He has promised firmly that heHe has reached a blind alley.He has reached a dead end.
He has read out loudHe has really hit the jackpot.He has really taken leave of h
He has taken it into his head.He has the gift of gab.He has the right of way.
He has touched a sore spot.He has two teeth missing.He has visitors.
he hit his head on the beam.He hit the mark.He hung up on me.
He improved from third to secoHe is a auditive person.He is a bad mixer.
He is a chip off the old blockHe is a close friend.He is a fine chap.
He is a good listener.He is a good mixer.He is a megalomaniac.
He is a peasant.He is a police officer.He is a real Peter Pan.
He is a spender, not a saver.He is a stowaway.He is a villain, and a most da
He is a visual person.He is a well-known figure in tHe is absentminded.
He is all talker.He is always arguing.He is always on the go.
He is an orphan.He is anxious to please.He is apt to be late.
He is as dumb as a post.He is at the end of his tetherHe is away.
He is basking in the glow of sHe is clever, I grant, but ...He is completely in his elemen
He is confined to bed (the houHe is fluent in Mandarin.He is fond of joking.
He is forty and thus-hence tooHe is full of beans.He is gaining on us.
He is game for anything.He is going to be a mechanic.He is into cats. (passion)
He is like that.He is my major customer.He is never at a loss of words
He is next door.He is no fair-weather politiciHe is no match for him.
He is not a person to be triflHe is not entitled to say thatHe is not even 10 years old.
He is not exactly a genius.He is not in a position to meeHe is not legally liable to pa
He is not really on top of thiHe is not the creep he is usuaHe is not to be relied upon.
He is not to blame for this.He is not well.He is on his own.
He is one of the family.He is open to an offer.He is out to lunch.
He is outrageous!He is paid according to outputHe is really henpecked.
He is referred to as ...He is resigned to the fact.He is said to have stolen the
He is scheduled to speak tomorHe is shy of money.He is subject to colds.
He is suspected of ...He is to blame for it.He is trying to prove himself
He is under suspicion of murdeHe is up to no good.He is very devoted to his wife
He is, I venture to say, not tHe is, or rather was, a studenHe jumped at the opportunity.
He jumped out of the frying paHe just arrived.He just escaped being killed.
He keeps a civil tongue in hisHe keeps late hours.He keeps to himself.
He keeps to himself.He keeps us on the go.He kept his head above water.
He kept his word.He kept me from work.He kept the pot boiling.
He knocked the stuffing out ofHe knows a thing or two.He knows his onions.
He knows his stuff.He knows his stuff.He lacked the courage to do it
He lacks the courage to do it.He laughed up his sleeve.He laughs best that laughs las
He leaned out of the window.He learned it from scratch.He learns the hard way.
He left her holding the bag.He left his wife and children.He left me completely in the d
He left no stone unturned.He let it happen.He let me do all the hard work
He let the work pile up.He lets things slide.He lies like a trooper.
He likes beer better.He likes to be out and about.He lives beyond his means.
He lives the life of Riley.He looked crestfallen.
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