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He looks-is the very picture oHe lost control of his car.He lost control over.
He made a bolt for it.He made a fool of himself.He made a quick getaway.
He made his pile.He made it his business.He made it plain to me.
He made no bones about it.He made no bones about it.He made no reply.
He made no resistance.He makes a great show of learnHe makes himself scarce.
He makes it himself.He makes no bones about it.He makes things hum.
He managed it in the twinklingHe may come tomorrow.He may have done it.
He means business.He met a lot of people on his He met his fate calmly.
He met his Waterloo.He moved heaven and earth.He must act as he sees fit.
He must always butt in.He must be sick.He must have done it.
He must have judged him unfavoHe must work flat out.He nearly dislocated my arm.
He needs a little horse sense.He needs helping.He never loses his poise.
He never misses a trick.He now reaps what he has sown.He nurses a glass of wine.
he of all peopleHe often picks a quarrel.He ought to have read it.
He owes a lot to her.He parked the funds temporarilHe passed the ball on to his t
He paused to let his words sinHe picked up his ears.He plays a good knife and fork
He plucked up courage and wentHe pokes his nose into everythHe polished his shoes.
He poured the money down the dHe predeceased his wife.He probably got out of bed on
He pulled the wool over my eyeHe put a spoke in my wheel.He put his heart and soul in i
He put his life on the line toHe put his oar in.He put in his two cents.
He put it straight.He put up a big front.He puts a good face on the mat
He puts up with everything.He puts up with it.He quaffed off the wine.
He quit for greener pastures.He ranks as a great writer.He really fancies her.
He really got himself into hotHe really takes after his fathHe recited an Our Father.
He regards himself as superiorHe registered every word.He repairs cars.
He rests on his laurels.He risked his neck to ...He satisfied me that ...
He saw daylight.He saw the red light.He says one thing, then anothe
He seeks a job where he is ablHe sees just about any offer aHe sees things through rose-co
He seized me by the arm.He served his company well.He settled down to work.
He settled the quarrel.he shaved himselfhe shaves himself
He should be locked up.He should have been allowed toHe should have driven faster.
He should mind his own businesHe shouted at me.He shouted drinks.
He showed his true self.He showed it for all the worldHe shrugged his shoulders.
He simply skipped work.He sits at the end of the tablHe skimmed the cream off the t
He slept away the day.He slipped through their fingeHe smacked his lips with relis
He smells a rat.He snatched up his stuff.He sounds angry.
He spent his time in reading.He spent the day among friendsHe spoke about indifferent top
He spoke haltingly.He sprained his ankle.He stands there like a duck in
He stands upon trifles.He sticks his nose into everytHe stole the show.
He stood her up.He stopped in speaking in mid-He stops at nothing.
He struck for home.He struck him a blow.He succeeded in overcoming the
He surely does not come.He surely made that up out of He surmounts all diffculties.
He swore to high heaven that .He takes a line of the least rHe takes his clothes off.
He talks big fam.He talks big.He talks Billingsgate.
He talks his head off.He that comes last makes all fHe that grasps at too much hol
He that has plenty of goods shHe that makes himself a sheep,He that praises himself spatte
He that seeks trouble never miHe that will eat the kernel, mHe that will not be counselled
He that will not hear must feeHe that will steal a pin, willHe that will steal an egg, wil
He thinks highly of you.He thinks no end of himself.He thinks nothing of it.
He thinks the world of you.He threw an angry look at me.He throws his cap over the mil
He told it to me in confidenceHe told me a lie.He told me the plain truth.
He took a fancy to go swimmingHe took a powder.He took French leave.
He took his chance.He took leave.He took lessons in driving.
He took no notice.He took revenge on him.He took the bull by the horns.
He took the gloves off.He tried hard.He tried to palm it off on me.
He tried to prove that black iHe tried to save his bacon.He turned a deaf ear to my adv
He turned out to be a real lowHe turns the tables.He used to come.
He uses a very vulgar languageHe was a babe in the woods wheHe was a famous actor in his d
He was a good worker, say whatHe was able to do it.He was all smiles.
He was an out and out student.He was anxious not to be misunHe was appointed manager.
He was as bold as brass.He was asking for it.He was attacked with a barrage
He was careful, though, not toHe was choked with emotion.He was completely lacking in c
He was delayed.He was disappointed at-by haviHe was easily persuaded.
He was embarrassed by ...He was expected to come.He was expected to depart soon
He was extremely annoyed with He was faced with ruin.He was fined for speeding.
He was flabbergasted.He was found hanged by a belt He was grateful for your suppo
He was hampered in his movemenHe was here a moment ago.
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