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he-she yapshe-she yearnshe-she-it appears
he-she-it appearshe-she-it becomes stuntedhe-she-it burns
he-she-it burstshe-she-it capsizeshe-she-it caulks
he-she-it comes throughhe-she-it containshe-she-it depended
he-she-it dependshe-she-it deviateshe-she-it eats
he-she-it encapsulateshe-she-it fadeshe-she-it flows
he-she-it glowshe-she-it grazeshe-she-it grinds
he-she-it has-had appearedhe-she-it has-had appearedhe-she-it has-had been good fo
he-she-it has-had burnthe-she-it has-had bursthe-she-it has-had come through
he-she-it has-had containedhe-she-it has-had eatenhe-she-it has-had faded
he-she-it has-had flowedhe-she-it has-had groundhe-she-it has-had hung
he-she-it has-had penetratedhe-she-it has-had penetratedhe-she-it has-had pointed
he-she-it has-had printedhe-she-it has-had recurredhe-she-it has-had risen
he-she-it has-had senthe-she-it has-had shrivelledhe-she-it has-had shrunk
he-she-it has-had slidhe-she-it has-had smelt (smellhe-she-it has-had soaked
he-she-it has-had sproutedhe-she-it has-had stunkhe-she-it is good for
he-she-it is-was sunkenhe-she-it liveshe-she-it makes stupid
he-she-it mayhe-she-it mayhe-she-it might
he-she-it must nothe-she-it need nothe-she-it neutralizes
he-she-it ought tohe-she-it overchargeshe-she-it overextends
he-she-it penetrateshe-she-it penetrateshe-she-it pleases
he-she-it pointshe-she-it presseshe-she-it prints
he-she-it prospershe-she-it recurshe-she-it reeks
he-she-it riseshe-she-it shineshe-she-it shrinks
he-she-it shrivelshe-she-it sinkshe-she-it slides
he-she-it smellshe-she-it smellshe-she-it soaks
he-she-it sproutshe-she-it stinkshe-she-it thrives
he-she-it turnsheadhead
headheadhead (of a well)
head (valve)head and lateral line erosionhead angle
head boyhead butthead butts
head clerkhead clerkshead coach
head crashhead crashhead cup
head fasthead for businesshead gap
head gasket failure -HGF-head girlhead injuries
head injuryhead lamphead lamps
head licehead linehead lines
head lock nuthead lock nutshead louse
head lughead lugshead miner
head of departmenthead of departmenthead of department
head of lettucehead of missionhead of mission (HOM
head of officehead of operationshead of personnel
head of site securityhead of statehead of state
head of the governmenthead of the householdhead of the local tax office
head office -HO-head officeshead official
head officialshead or tailhead over heels
head over heelshead physicianhead physicians
head sailhead scratcherhead screw
head screwshead selectionhead shop
head shrink parthead shrink partshead stack
head stackshead tubehead tubes
head voicehead waiterhead waiters
head wavehead waveshead-clerk
head-in-the-sand politicshead-lamp brackethead-lamp brackets
head-lamp housinghead-lamp housingshead-lamp lens
head-on collisionhead-on collisionshead-up display
headedheaded forheaded for
headed goalheaded goalsheaded off
header (brick)header box
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