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I admitI admit there are people who .I agree in principle.
I always feel funny after a loI am (awfully) sorry.I am afraid that ...
I am after a topical book. Is I am all run down.I am all set.
I am an American (a CanadianI am an American (a CanadianI am awfully sorry.
I am careful to point out thatI am coldI am cold.
I am concerned about it.I am concerned to hear that...I am deeply distressed.
I am drownedI am drunk.I am fond of reading.
I am full (up).I am game for a bike ride.I am glad.
I am grinding teeth when I am I am hurt.I am ill.
I am interested inI am lateI am not doing it by choice, b
I am not getting involved in tI am OK.I am perfectly aware of the fa
I am please to share that ...I am quite ready.I am seeking-looking to make a
I am sorry.I am tasked withI am the right person to talk
I am totally exhausted.I am warm.I am writing to ...
I am, it is true, his father .I appreciate the fact that ...I arranged it in advance.
I ask myself whyI asked his advice.I assume that these facts are
I bakeI barely know her.I bear
I became engagedI became familiar with him.I become
I become anxious.I become engagedI beg to differ.
I beg to differ.I beg to inform you ...I beg your pardon!
I beg your pardonI beginI believe I can afford to let
I blowI bombed out with her.I call the shots!
I called at your house.I can be contacted at home.I can be reached after 5 p.m.
I can be reached on my mobile-I can do it by myself.I can do it on my head.
I can do that standing on my hI can do that with both hands I can fully understand that.
I can give no such undertakingI can hardly believe it.I can ill afford it.
I can make nothing of it.I can manage with less.I can smell the gumleaves.
I can take it.I can tell you a thing or two I can understand your feelings
I cannot bear him.I cannot but ...I cannot keep up.
I cannot make head or tail of I carried my point.I chanced to hear it.
I chanced to meet her.I could have cried.I could see it coming.
I count on you.I count on you.I cross my heart and hope to d
I dare say ...I dare sayI dare you!
I dare you!I defy anyone to do it.I defy you to do it.
I denied myselfI did it at his suggestion.I did it on my own responsibil
I do not trust him to keep a bI doubtI doubt
I drummed it into him that ...I earn more money now.I encountered various problems
I enjoyed my supper.I envy your calm.I escaped by the skin of my te
I expect he will come.I fail to see ...I fail to see what you mean.
I failed the test.I fancy that city.I fancy the idea of doing ...
I fancy the idea.I feel a sensation of being waI feel faint with hunger.
I feel ill.I feel it is appropriate ...I feel like a babe in the wood
I feel like a fifth wheel.I feel lousy.I feel OK.
I feel sick.I feel tired out.I feel uneasy about it
I feel uneasy.I feel used.I feel warm.
I felt hot all over.I felt impelled to say it.I felt very uncomfortable.
I find this impossible to undeI finished reading the book laI for one.
I forgot about it.I gained a lot from it.I gather that ...
I get a kick out of it.I get good vibes from her.I get it.
I get the creeps.I give thanks for the great tiI give up!
I give up.I go for a swim.I go home.
I go to the pictures.I got goose pimples.I got soaked to the skin.
I got the shivers.I got to know about it only yeI gritted my teeth and said no
I guess ...I guess so!I H8 U : I hate you.
I had a job to do it.I had expected better of it.I had heard nothing of it unti
I had her sit down.I had it done.I had it on the tip of my tong
I had my first mountain experiI had no appreciation of the rI had nothing to do with it.
I had to be very persuasive.I had to meet him, of all peopI had to swallow a lot.
I had to swallow hard.I hang out with my friends.I happened to meet him.
I happened to meet him.I hardly knew her.I hate you!
I have a bone to pick with youI have a cold.I have a computer problem. Is
I have a day off.I have a dodgy leg.I have a gripe about the servi
I have a hangover.I have a memory like a sieve.I have a mind to ...
I have a notion that ...I have a room of my own.I have been wishing for a lott
I have been wishing for this fI have cheered up from yesterdI have committed to work on it
I have found that ...I have found your support invaI have goose-pimples.
I have got an idea.I have had enough of your nons
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