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in most instancesin muftiin my behalf
in my evaluationin my experiencein my humble opinion
in my judgement (judgment)in my opinion -IMO-in my position
in my presencein my viewin my younger days
in need of an explanationin need of carein need of protection
in need of rehabilitationin need of repairin neither case
in no wayin officein olden days
in one dayin one goin one gulp
in one piecein one volumein operation
in order toin order to ...in order to balance our accoun
in order to impedein order to preventin order
in our own self-interestin outlinesin pairs
in pairsin paragraphsin parallel with
in parenthesisin partin particular
in particularin partsin payment of a debt
in personin phase (with)in phases
in placesin plain languagein position
in pouring rainin practicein preparation -in prep.-
in preparation forin pretencein principle
in pristine conditionin processin process of time
in profilein progressin proper style
in proportion (to)in prospectin proximity to
in publicin public mattersin pursuance (of)
in pursuance of his vocationin pursuit ofin quadruplicate
in questionin quick successionin quires
in rapt contemplationin rapturesin reality
in recent yearsin regard toin relation to
in relation toin relationshipin rem
in remembrance ofIn reply to my question he saiin reply to your letter of
in representational formin response toin retrospect I think ...
in retrospectin revenge (for)in reversed order
in rhymein round termsin rows
in safe custodyin search ofin secret
in sectionsin seriesin shifts
in shortin sightin sight of the public
in similar veinin single shearin sips
in situin situ accretionary limestonein slow-motion
in so far asin some degreein some respects
in spite of everythingin spite of the fact that shein spite of
in stagesin stepin stock
in stylein substancein such a case
in such a wayin such a wayin summary
in summerin summertimein support of
in support ofin swarmsin sync
in tabular formin tandem within terms of
in terms ofin terms of figuresin terms of money
in terms of pricein terms of timein terraces
in that casein the absence of an answerin the abstract
in the act of doing sth.in the actin the afternoon -p.m.
in the afternoonin the aggregatein the air
in the atticin the ballparkin the bows
in the case in questionin the Chemnitz areain the closing minutes
in the closing secondsin the closing stagesin the country
in the countryIn the country of the blind thin the countryside
in the course ofin the course of the yearsin the course of time
in the course of timein the course ofin the courtyard
in the darkness of nightin the disguise ofin the distance
in the early afternoonin the early stagesin the end
in the endin the eveningin the evening
in the eventin the event of a failurein the event of damage
in the event of damagein the event of illnessin the event of non-acceptance
in the event of non-paymentin the exercise of his dutiesin the Far East proper
in the field (of)in the first instancein the first place
in the fleshin the form of stings of pearlin the future tense
in the gloomy woodin the guise of a ...in the hood
in the housein the interest ofin the interests of safety
in the issuein the lap of luxury
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