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in the late morningin the latter casein the lifetime
in the light of all the relevain the limelightin the long run
in the long termin the longer termin the low-priced range
in the mainin the mainin the majority of cases
in the meantimein the meantimein the meantime
in the middle ofin the middle of nowherein the middle of the night
in the middle of the streetin the minutest detailsin the morning
in the morningin the morningIn the morning we went to the
in the neighborhood of the-a uin the neighborhoodin the neuter
in the nick of timein the off-seasonin the open air
in the open countryin the open countrysidein the open
in the opposite directionin the outbackin the past
in the pastin the past tensein the plural
in the preceding daysin the premisesin the presence of ...
in the present casein the present circumstancesin the present tense
in the prime of lifein the process ofin the proper meaning of the w
in the public gazein the qualifying roundin the quarterfinal round
in the range of politicsin the rawin the recent past
in the remotest parts of the win the retreatin the rough
in the run-up to sth.in the run-up to the electionsin the same move (simultaneous
in the same quarter of the prein the semifinal roundin the sex trade
in the shape ofin the short runin the short term
in the space ofin the stallsin the street
in the thick of itin the thick of the fightin the twinkling of an eye
in the vicinityin the wake of ...in the wild
in the winter term-semesterin the worldin the wrong place
in the year of our Lordin the years to comein these latter days
in these partsin these premisesin thimblefuls
in this casein this contextin this regard
in this respectin this respectin this world
in tiersin tiersin tiers
in timein times of crisisin times of war
in top formin townin town
in transitin triplicatein triumph
in troopsin true alignmentin turn
in two columnsin two respectsin two voices
in two volumesin twosin ultralarge quantitiy
in unisonin upbeat moodin use
in utter astonishmentin utter despairin vein
in versein view ofin view of
In vino veritas.in vitroin vitro fertilization
in vivoin wardin ward
in wet weatherIn what connectionin what way
in whatin whichin which
in winterIn witness whereof, the undersin working order
in writingin writingin writing
in your interestin-band signallingin-between move
in-between seasonin-between season wearin-can preservation
in-circuitin-depthin-fill development
in-flight adjustment of fansin-flight collisionin-flight refueling
in-housein-housein-house counsel
in-house counselsin-house developmentin-house exhibition
in-house exhibitionsin-linein-line (tube) bank
in-line enginein-line enginesin-line system
in-patient ...in-patient treatmentin-patient
in-paymentin-place materialin-plane
in-plantin-plant transportationin-process
in-process inspectionin-service coursein-set TV
in-situ concretein-situ soilin-situ terrazzo
inability to workinaccessibilityinaccessible
inaccessibleInaccessible Island Railinaccessible
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