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I have half a mind to ...I have it from a good source.I have it sent to me.
I have no desire to cause you I have no grievances against hI have no idea.
I have no independent opinion I have no objections.I have no regrets (about anyth
I have no small change.I have not the faintest idea.I have not time for him.
I have nothing at all to wear.I have paved the way for him.I have read only ten pages so
I have suffered from heavy losI have suffered many disadvantI have taken her to my heart.
I have to admit though that ..I have to do an errand.I have to go.
I have to mow the lawn.I have to settle a score with I have to start bright and ear
I heard a muffled noise.I heard it this morning on theI heard it through the grapevi
I heard it through the grapeviI hereby declare the conferencI hold
I hope I will be spared this oI hope she replies my love.I hope so.
I hope this goes some way towaI hope this is not a bad time I hope you are well.
I imagined you to be in FreibeI infer his intentions from hiI insist on obedience.
I intend to do just that.I intended it for a complimentI just call her aunt.
I just call him uncle.I just managed it.I just managed it.
I just managed it.I killed two birds with one stI kind of thought.
I kinda like that.I knew it would happen.I know
I know about it.I know better.I know German.
I know him by name.I know him by sight.I know it myself.
I know my own mind.I know that.I know where the shoe pinches.
I landed him one in the face.I laugh myself to death.I learn
I let the cat out of the bag.I like apple juice.I like fruit.
I like her.I like it a lot.I like it very much.
I like that!I like the way he works.I live
I liveI loadI loathe him (it).
I loathe it.I loathed having to tell him.I look forward to hearing from
I love to read.I love you, too.I love you. -ILU-
I mean business.I mean it.I mean to say ...
I meant no harm by it.I melted at the sight.I minor in German.
I miss you a lot.I miss you so much.I miss you, too.
I miss you.I missed the connection.I missed you so much.
I move we adjourn.I must always sort things out.I must confess
I must get round to cleaning mI must go to the bathroom.I must have my wits about me.
I must make a special note of I must not.I must put up with much.
I must start by saying the folI must tell you about it to geI nearly fell over backwards.
I need a loan. Are you the rigI need some rest badly.I need some sleep.
I need tangible results.I need the book by Monday.I need to get some exercise.
I need to use up my holiday enI never heard such a thing!I only have good things to say
I only said it in fun.I only speak a little German (I only want a little bit.
I only want a small piece.I orderI ought to do it
I ought to go.I ought toI owe him much.
I paid him out in his own coinI pity you.I played my trump card.
I prefer standing.I pulled the curtain aside.I put (have) no trust in his w
I put all my eggs in one baskeI put my shirt on that man.I put my watch an hour ahead.
I quite agree.I quite believe it.I ran out of breath.
I rather think ...I really blew it.I really copped it.
I really fall for her.I really put my foot in it!I recently saw a documentation
I reckon it will rain.I refuse to be rushed.I regret to say that ...
I reliedI rely on you.I said to myself ...
I saw her coming.I say!I say!
I seeI see!I see!
I see!I seized the opportunity with I shall drop by.
I should like to ...I should prefer to wait until I should prefer to wait.
I should say so!I showed him into the room.I sleep like a log.
I smiled despite myself.I spent a whopping 3 days on fI stand by my prior statement.
I stand to win.I stick on the stamp.I stick to it.
I strongly protest against sucI stuck the poster to the wallI suggest going.
I suggest to you that ...I suppose so.I suppose there are people who
I surmised as much.I surrender!I take a critical view of it.
I take it that ...I take that at face value.I take that to mean ...
I take the liberty of ...I thank you!I think it will rain.
I think so.I think that ...I think the same (way).
I think this is not appropriatI think you owe me an explanatI think, therefore I am.
I thought as much!I told him what was most imporI told him where to get off.
I told you more than once to lI told you so.I trust him.
I understood.I venture to say that ...I want
I want to come clean with you.I want to read in peace.
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