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I want to run my own life.I want to see you soon.I want to tell you the truth.
I want to watch my favourite TI was afraid he would put his I was amazed to find out that
I was apt to believe him untilI was bitten by a dog.I was bored stiff.
I was born in 1964.I was born in Dresden.I was called for ...
I was completely browned off.I was completely poleaxed whenI was cordially received.
I was delayed by the rain.I was embarrassed by this quesI was first exposed ...
I was ill at ease.I was just about to leave.I was just about to leave.
I was just thinking aloud.I was just wondering.I was laid low with the flu.
I was lucky.I was not born yesterday.I was on pins and needles.
I was only joking.I was only listening with halfI was overcome with fear.
I was properly scared and no mI was quite disconcerted to reI was staggered.
I was terribly bored.I was truly grateful.I was wondering ...
I was wondering if you could .I wash my hands of it.I wash my hands.
I washed myself.I went shopping.I will call a spade a spade.
I will come along.I will inform you.I will make ends meet.
I will take care of everythingI will take good care not to dI will talk her into it.
I wish for a world in which noI wish he would come.I wish I could stay.
I wish to thank you for ...I wish you were here.I wonder if he still knows me.
I wonder if you would tell me I wonder what the reason may bI wonder who he is.
I wonder why!I worked like an animal.I would be delighted to ...
I would be grateful if you couI would give that man the shirI would go even further.
I would like to be a fly on thI would never entertain the idI would rather ...
I would rather die than ...I would rather wait.I would really appreciate that
I would second that ....I-he-she abnegatedI-he-she abolished
I-he-she absorbedI-he-she acceptedI-he-she achieved
I-he-she acknowledgedI-he-she acquiredI-he-she administered
I-he-she admittedI-he-she admonishedI-he-she adopted
I-he-she adoredI-he-she advertisedI-he-she advised
I-he-she affirmedI-he-she agitatedI-he-she alleged
I-he-she allowedI-he-she annotatedI-he-she annulled
I-he-she answeredI-he-she appliedI-he-she applied
I-he-she appliquedI-he-she appreciatedI-he-she approved
I-he-she arguedI-he-she arguedI-he-she arraigned
I-he-she arrogatedI-he-she askedI-he-she attacked
I-he-she attractedI-he-she avoidedI-he-she avoided
I-he-she awokeI-he-she baffledI-he-she baked
I-he-she banishedI-he-she bartered awayI-he-she bashed
I-he-she bathedI-he-she beatI-he-she became
I-he-she beganI-he-she beggedI-he-she behaved
I-he-she believedI-he-she beltedI-he-she bemused
I-he-she bentI-he-she bentI-he-she bespoke
I-he-she bestrodeI-he-she betI-he-she betrayed
I-he-she bitI-he-she bit throughI-he-she bivouacked
I-he-she bledI-he-she bled to deathI-he-she blew
I-he-she boozedI-he-she boughtI-he-she bound
I-he-she braidedI-he-she brandishedI-he-she bred
I-he-she broke offI-he-she broughtI-he-she built
I-he-she buriedI-he-she calculatedI-he-she called
I-he-she calledI-he-she calmedI-he-she came out
I-he-she campedI-he-she caricaturedI-he-she carried
I-he-she carvedI-he-she castI-he-she caught
I-he-she caught a coldI-he-she caulkedI-he-she ceased
I-he-she celebratedI-he-she certifiedI-he-she cheated
I-he-she chimedI-he-she choppedI-he-she chose
I-he-she choseI-he-she chuckedI-he-she cited
I-he-she climbedI-he-she climbedI-he-she closed
I-he-she closedI-he-she commercializedI-he-she compared
I-he-she compelledI-he-she confirmedI-he-she confronted
I-he-she confusedI-he-she congratulatedI-he-she conjectured
I-he-she conjuredI-he-she connectedI-he-she considered
I-he-she consolidatedI-he-she consultedI-he-she continued
I-he-she contributedI-he-she convalescedI-he-she cooked
I-he-she copiedI-he-she countedI-he-she counterfeited
I-he-she coweredI-he-she crawledI-he-she created
I-he-she creptI-he-she crestedI-he-she cried
I-he-she crochetedI-he-she crossed throughI-he-she cycled
I-he-she damagedI-he-she danced
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