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I-he-she deactivatedI-he-she debatedI-he-she debated
I-he-she decalcifiedI-he-she decidedI-he-she deleted
I-he-she depilatedI-he-she deridedI-he-she described
I-he-she developedI-he-she diagnosedI-he-she diced
I-he-she did gymnasticsI-he-she did handicraftsI-he-she died
I-he-she dinedI-he-she disappearedI-he-she disavowed
I-he-she discernedI-he-she dischargedI-he-she discouraged
I-he-she disinfectedI-he-she dispelledI-he-she dissuaded
I-he-she doubtedI-he-she doubtedI-he-she drank
I-he-she dreamtI-he-she dredgedI-he-she drew
I-he-she drewI-he-she dropped outI-he-she drove
I-he-she droveI-he-she drudgedI-he-she dug
I-he-she embalmedI-he-she embroideredI-he-she emigrated
I-he-she endearedI-he-she enforcedI-he-she enjoyed
I-he-she enteredI-he-she entitledI-he-she entrenched
I-he-she envisagedI-he-she fantasizedI-he-she fed
I-he-she fellI-he-she fell asleepI-he-she fell ill
I-he-she feltI-he-she fencedI-he-she fetched
I-he-she fetteredI-he-she fiddledI-he-she flailed
I-he-she fledI-he-she flewI-he-she flew over
I-he-she flew thereI-he-she forcedI-he-she foresaw
I-he-she forgaveI-he-she forgedI-he-she formalized
I-he-she formattedI-he-she formedI-he-she forsook
I-he-she forsworeI-he-she foughtI-he-she found
I-he-she found outI-he-she friedI-he-she frightened
I-he-she galvanizedI-he-she gaveI-he-she gave away
I-he-she gave upI-he-she gave wayI-he-she glided
I-he-she glowedI-he-she gluedI-he-she goggled
I-he-she gotI-he-she got a day offI-he-she got caught
I-he-she got drunkI-he-she got furtherI-he-she got to
I-he-she got upI-he-she graspedI-he-she greeted
I-he-she grewI-he-she grew upI-he-she ground
I-he-she hackedI-he-she had breakfastI-he-she had to
I-he-she handed overI-he-she harassedI-he-she harvested
I-he-she hashedI-he-she hatedI-he-she heard
I-he-she heatedI-he-she heatedI-he-she held
I-he-she heldI-he-she helpedI-he-she hid
I-he-she hikedI-he-she hiredI-he-she hit
I-he-she hitchhikedI-he-she hobbledI-he-she hoed
I-he-she hopedI-he-she hoppedI-he-she hung
I-he-she hungI-he-she hurriedI-he-she hurt
I-he-she hypnotizedI-he-she imitatedI-he-she immigrated
I-he-she immolatedI-he-she incommodedI-he-she incurred
I-he-she inducedI-he-she inheritedI-he-she intended
I-he-she interviewedI-he-she inventedI-he-she journeyed on
I-he-she jumpedI-he-she keptI-he-she kept
I-he-she kickedI-he-she killedI-he-she kissed
I-he-she knewI-he-she laidI-he-she landed
I-he-she layI-he-she learnedI-he-she learned
I-he-she ledI-he-she left outI-he-she legitimized
I-he-she lentI-he-she lentI-he-she lifted
I-he-she limpedI-he-she listenedI-he-she lived
I-he-she livedI-he-she loadedI-he-she locked up
I-he-she lookedI-he-she lookedI-he-she looked up
I-he-she loosedI-he-she lost weightI-he-she loved
I-he-she madeI-he-she made a diagnosisI-he-she made stupid
I-he-she maltreatedI-he-she markedI-he-she meant
I-he-she measuredI-he-she memorizedI-he-she mercerized
I-he-she mesmerizedI-he-she metI-he-she migrated
I-he-she milkedI-he-she misbehavedI-he-she misconceived
I-he-she mislaidI-he-she mismanagedI-he-she misnamed
I-he-she misunderstoodI-he-she mixed upI-he-she moderated
I-he-she moistenedI-he-she molestedI-he-she monitored
I-he-she movedI-he-she moved upI-he-she murmured
I-he-she musedI-he-she namedI-he-she needed
I-he-she normalizedI-he-she numberedI-he-she obviated
I-he-she obviatedI-he-she offered
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