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I-he-she travelledI-he-she treatedI-he-she tried
I-he-she trodI-he-she tuned upI-he-she turned
I-he-she turnedI-he-she turned backI-he-she turned pale
I-he-she understoodI-he-she undertookI-he-she unearthed
I-he-she unlockedI-he-she unpackedI-he-she vanished
I-he-she varnishedI-he-she vendedI-he-she victimized
I-he-she visitedI-he-she walked alongI-he-she wangled
I-he-she wantedI-he-she warnedI-he-she was able to go out
I-he-she was absentI-he-she was afflicted withI-he-she was angry
I-he-she was awayI-he-she was bornI-he-she was descended from
I-he-she was drownedI-he-she was eliminatedI-he-she was frightened
I-he-she was in a position toI-he-she was interested inI-he-she was like
I-he-she was molestedI-he-she was patientI-he-she was qualified
I-he-she was thereI-he-she washedI-he-she watched television
I-he-she weakenedI-he-she weighedI-he-she welded
I-he-she went aheadI-he-she went blindI-he-she went on talking
I-he-she went outI-he-she went to sleepI-he-she wept
I-he-she wettedI-he-she whistledI-he-she wished
I-he-she withdrewI-he-she witnessedI-he-she woke (up)
I-he-she wokeI-he-she wonI-he-she wore
I-he-she would advertiseI-he-she would allegeI-he-she would ask
I-he-she would be frightenedI-he-she would be validI-he-she would become
I-he-she would beginI-he-she would bendI-he-she would bind
I-he-she would biteI-he-she would blowI-he-she would booze
I-he-she would braidI-he-she would brandishI-he-she would break off
I-he-she would bringI-he-she would carryI-he-she would climb
I-he-she would closeI-he-she would crawlI-he-she would create
I-he-she would crestI-he-she would describeI-he-she would die
I-he-she would digI-he-she would driveI-he-she would enjoy
I-he-she would fadeI-he-she would fallI-he-she would fence
I-he-she would findI-he-she would fleeI-he-she would flow
I-he-she would flyI-he-she would forceI-he-she would forge
I-he-she would giveI-he-she would give upI-he-she would grasp
I-he-she would growI-he-she would have drunkI-he-she would have seen
I-he-she would have swungI-he-she would have toI-he-she would help
I-he-she would hitI-he-she would holdI-he-she would induce
I-he-she would jumpI-he-she would keepI-he-she would know
I-he-she would lendI-he-she would lieI-he-she would lift
I-he-she would loadI-he-she would measureI-he-she would meet
I-he-she would milkI-he-she would moveI-he-she would offer
I-he-she would orderI-he-she would overcomeI-he-she would own
I-he-she would pourI-he-she would prickI-he-she would pull
I-he-she would pushI-he-she would readI-he-she would recover
I-he-she would salvageI-he-she would sayI-he-she would scold
I-he-she would shearI-he-she would shootI-he-she would shut
I-he-she would singI-he-she would sinkI-he-she would sit
I-he-she would smellI-he-she would smoulderI-he-she would spin
I-he-she would springI-he-she would standI-he-she would stay
I-he-she would stealI-he-she would strikeI-he-she would swear
I-he-she would swimI-he-she would take overI-he-she would think
I-he-she would threshI-he-she would throwI-he-she would understood
I-he-she would undertakeI-he-she would wantI-he-she would wash
I-he-she would weaveI-he-she would weighI-he-she would win
I-he-she would withdrawI-he-she would wrestleI-he-she would wring
I-he-she woveI-he-she wrestledI-he-she wrote
I-he-she wrote downI-he-she wrungI-he-she yapped
I-he-she yearnedI-he-she-is recurredI-he-she-it accessed
I-he-she-it appearedI-he-she-it appearedI-he-she-it ate
I-he-she-it became stuntedI-he-she-it burntI-he-she-it burst
I-he-she-it came throughI-he-she-it capsizedI-he-she-it contained
I-he-she-it deviatedI-he-she-it dunkedI-he-she-it encapsulated
I-he-she-it fadedI-he-she-it failedI-he-she-it flowed
I-he-she-it groundI-he-she-it neutralizedI-he-she-it penetrated
I-he-she-it penetratedI-he-she-it pleasedI-he-she-it pointed
I-he-she-it printedI-he-she-it prosperedI-he-she-it reeked
I-he-she-it roseI-he-she-it sankI-he-she-it shone
I-he-she-it shrankI-he-she-it shrivelled
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