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more nimblemore noisymore non-rigid
more normalmore northernmore notable
more notoriousmore numerousmore nutritious
more obedientmore obligingmore obstinate
more obtrusivemore obviousmore offensive
more officialmore oftenmore often than not
more oilymore ominousmore open
more open handedmore optimisticmore or less
more ordinarymore organicmore overdue
more overjoyedmore oversensitivemore overzealous
more painfulmore palatablemore panic
more paradoxicalmore partialmore particular
more passionatemore passivemore patentable
more paternalmore pathologicalmore patient
more patrioticmore patronizingmore peaceable
more peacefulmore peacefulmore peaceless
more peculiarmore pedanticmore peevish
more penetratingmore penitentmore perceptible
more perfidiousmore perilousmore perishable
more permanentmore personalmore pert
more perversemore pessimisticmore photogenic
more pigheadedmore pithymore pitiable
more plausiblemore pleasantmore pleasing
more poisonousmore ponderousmore popular
more porousmore portablemore positive
more potentMore power to you!more powerful
more powerfulmore powerlessmore practical
more praiseworthymore preciousmore precocious
more presentablemore pressedmore primitive
more privilegedmore probablemore problematic
more procreativemore productivemore profitable
more profoundmore progressivemore prominent
more promisingmore propermore proportioned
more propositionalmore provisionalmore provocative
more prudentmore prudishmore pugnacious
more punctualmore purposefulmore purulent
more quietmore radicalmore radioactive
more raggedmore ramifiedmore raving
more reactionarymore realisticmore reasonable
more reasonablemore rebelliousmore receptive
more recklessmore refinedmore refractory
more refreshingmore refutablemore regular
more relatedmore relaxedmore relaxing
more religiousmore reluctingmore remarkable
more replaceablemore reprehensiblemore repressive
more repulsivemore reservedmore resistant
more resistingmore resourcefulmore respectable
more respectfulmore responsiblemore restless
more rightmore risklessmore robust
more roguishmore romanticmore rotten
more roundishmore ruggedmore rumpled
more ruralmore sanemore satanic
more scandalousmore scantymore scattered
more scientificmore scornfulmore secret
more seductivemore selectivemore sensational
more sensitivemore sensualmore separable
more separatedmore separatingmore serious
more shakymore shamefacedmore shameful
more shamelessmore sharp-sightedmore sharp-witted
more sharpenedmore shockedmore shocking
more shockingmore sicklymore significant
more silentmore sinceremore slanting
more slendermore slipperymore sloping
more slymore sneeringmore snivelling
more snobbishmore snobbishmore sober
more sociablemore socialmore soft-hearted
more softishmore solemn
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