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most importantmost importunatemost impotent
most impressivemost improbablemost improper
most impropermost imprudentmost impudent
most impulsivemost impuremost inaccessible
most inactivemost inanimatemost inattentive
most incalculablemost incautiousmost incoherent
most incompletemost incomprehensiblemost inconceivable
most inconsideratemost inconsistentmost inconsolable
most inconstantmost incontestablemost inconvenient
most incorruptiblemost indecentmost indefatigable
most indelicatemost independentmost indeterminate
most indifferentmost indigestiblemost indiscreet
most indiscriminatemost indisputablemost individual
most indocilemost indomitablemost industrious
most ineffectivemost inexactmost inexhaustible
most inexperiencedmost inexplicablemost infallible
most infamousmost inferiormost inferior
most inflammablemost inflexiblemost influential
most informativemost ingloriousmost inhospitable
most insanemost insatiablemost insensitive
most insignificantmost insolventmost insufficient
most intelligentmost intensemost interesting
most interestingmost intimatemost intolerable
most intolerantmost intolerantmost inventive
most invertedmost invinciblemost involuntary
most ironicmost irregularmost irremovable
most irreplaceablemost irreproachablemost irresponsible
most irreverentmost irritablemost irritated
most jealousmost joyfulmost justified
most knownmost legalmost legendary
most legiblemost liberalmost light-hearted
most likelymost likelymost limited
most lovingmost lustfulmost luxuriant
most luxuriousmost majesticmost marketable
most massivemost masterlymost materialistic
most maturemost meagremost meaningless
most mediocremost melancholicmost melodious
most mendaciousmost mercilessmost meritorious
most methodicalmost militantmost miserable
most misshapenmost mixedmost mobile
most moderatemost modernmost modest
most monotonousmost morosemost motionless
most musicalmost mutablemost mysterious
most naivemost naturalmost necessary
most negativemost neglectedmost negligent
most nervousmost neutralmost nimble
most noisymost non-rigidmost normal
most northernmost notablemost notorious
most numerousmost nutritiousmost obedient
most objectivemost obligingmost obstinate
most obtrusivemost obviousmost of all
most of my friendsmost of the daymost offensive
most officialmost oftenmost oily
most ominousmost openmost open handed
most optimisticmost ordinarymost organic
most overduemost overjoyedmost oversensitive
most overzealousmost painfulmost palatable
most panicmost paradoxicalmost partial
most particularmost passionatemost passive
most patentablemost paternalmost pathological
most patientmost patrioticmost patronizing
most peaceablemost peacefulmost peaceful
most peacelessmost peculiarmost pedantic
most peevishmost penetratingmost penitent
most peoplemost perceptiblemost perfidious
most perilousmost perishablemost permanent
most personalmost pert
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