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not a littlenot a quarter as goodnot a scrap of evidence
Not a scrap!not anot allow oneself to be held-t
not allowednot anynot any longer
not any morenot applicable (n-a) (on formsnot as bad as people tend to d
not assignednot associatednot at all
not at allnot at allnot at all
not at any pricenot authoritativenot bad
not bad at allnot be at a loss for an answernot binding
not by a long chalknot classifiednot counting the children
not currently engaged in emplonot even a suggestion of fatignot even
not exactlynot far (away) from the pathnot far (from)
not far fromnot far from (the) townNot for drinking!
not for nothingnot for resalenot for sale
Not for the life of me!not for young earsnot get so much as a thank you
not good enough by halfnot guiltyNot half bad!
not heardnot hearingnot immediately
not in the leastnot in the near futurenot in the right ballpark
Not just yet!not least because ofnot liable for tax
not negotiablenot on any accountnot on any terms
not oncenot one bit better thannot only ... but also
not only thatnot quitenot ready error
not reallynot say a word about sth.not self-signalling
not signnot sleep a bitnot so bad
Not so dusty!not that I care, but ...Not that I know of.
Not that I remember.not the least inklingnot the minutest interest
not the slightest hurrynot the slightest proofnot to be a child any more
not to be able to manage sth.not to be above doing sth.not to be delayed
not to be forthcomingnot to be keen on itnot to be put off
not to be short of a bob or twnot to be sniffed atnot to be up to much
not to bother to follow a plannot to budgenot to deign to answer sb.
not to deign to look at sb.not to get anywhere with sth.not to give a fuck
not to give a shit about sth.not to have a prayernot to have the foggiest idea
not to have the vaguest notionnot to hearnot to lay oneself open to att
not to mince mattersnot to saynot to spare sb.-sth.
not to stand for sth.not to take long over the intrnot to take up an invitation
not transferablenot under commandnot unreasonable
not until after the performancnot up to snuffnot usual in the trade
not valid abroadnot within living memorynot without good reason
not worth a damnnot yetnotabilities
notablenotablenotable (for)
notarizingnotary publicnotation
notationnotationalnotational system
notational systemsnotationsnotations
notch and bead sightsnotch sensitivitynotch
notchnotchbacknotchback body
notched bar impact testnotched bar impact testingnotched bar impact testings
notched bar impact worknotchernotchers
notching toolnotching toolsnote
note receivablenote verbalenote
noted downnoted downnoted down
noted downNoted Sunbirdnotedly
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