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She cheated on him with ...She choked over her food.She confined herself to her ro
She cut him dead. She ignored She decided to give him a wideShe delights in doing that.
she dogshe dogsShe dropped in.
She drove me crazy.She eats extraordinary quantitShe fancies him as her husband
she fared wellShe feels hurt.She feels sick.
She fell on his neck.She flatly denied.She flung her arms around his
She gave herself up to him.She gave me the cold shoulder.She gives her fancy full scope
She gives me a lot of trouble.She goes often to the movies.She got very annoyed.
She had a hair-do yesterday.She had a ripping good time.She had left herself out on a
She had no idea what she was iShe had no money on her.She had pity on him.
She had the sense to ...She had to swallow a lot.She has a 38-inch bust.
She has a cold today.She has a crush on him.She has a slight headache.
She has a steady boyfriend.She has all the answers.She has good vision.
She has known me for all of foShe has no feeling for art.She has no imagination.
She has not a rag to put on.She has reached at breaking poShe has shown that this does n
She has the common touch.She is a bit oversensitive.She is a kept women.
She is a vegetarian.She is a woman of pronounced vShe is alleged to have said th
She is anything but pretty.She is constantly correcting mShe is doing well.
She is eminently suitable for She is frightened to death.She is going steady.
She is in a huff.She is Irish-born.She is mousy.
She is nowhere to be found.She is on the right track.She is only after his money.
She is out of town.She is said to be very rich.She is sensitive about comment
She is serious about him.She is shown to have had knowlShe is such a cutie.
She is the kingpin of the famiShe is to be left alone.She is very devoted to her wor
She lacks talent.She laid the table.She let him fuck her.
She lifted the skirt.She lightened her heart.She likes wine best.
She listened in silence.She lives in a high rise overlShe lives one floor below me.
She looked surprised.She looks down her nose at peoShe made a good doctor.
She made him ridiculous.She made it up.She makes her own clothes.
She means business.she menstruatedshe menstruates
She nodded her head.She only meant to help.She owned to having done it.
She owns company shares, conseShe paced up and down.She passed her hand over her f
She poured her heart out to meShe presented him with a son.She pulled his leg.
She ran him out of the house.She really did not want to comShe really fancies him.
She really has her husband undShe refused to believe it.She regained consciousness.
She said never a word.She said the following.She said yes.
She saw it herself.She soft-soaped him.She speaks in images.
She swept from the room.She takes after her mother.She takes great delight in doi
she talked me into itshe thought she heard a voiceShe took it the wrong way.
She tried hard.She turned him down.She unburdened her mind.
She was a great beauty in her She was a lone voice in the wiShe was a vision of delight.
She was anxious that he shouldShe was at the wheel.She was dressed to kill.
She was fast asleep.She was in the wrong place at She was left holding the baby.
She was most anxious to speak she was nonplussed by sth.She was offended.
She was pretending to be happyShe was prettily dressed.she was very flattered by ...
She was very outspoken about iShe was well-liked by her peerShe wears a very nice dress.
She went over her notes.She went to him again and agaiShe will always play to the ga
She wobbled on her bike.She would do it.she-bear
shearshear angleshear angles
shear beamshear centershear connector
shear connectorsshear cuttingshear design
shear flowshear flowshear fold
shear forceshear forceshear fracture
shear fracturesshear jointshear modulus
shear pinshear pinsshear rate
shear roll machineshear stabilityshear strain
shear strengthshear strengthshear stress
shear stressshear surfaceshear test specimen
shear testshear testsshear zone
shear zonesShear-tailed Tyrantshearer
shearing areashearing areasshearing load
shearing offshearing resistanceshearing strength
shearing stressshearing
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