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to overexerciseto overexertto overexpose
to overextendto overfeedto overfill
to overflowto overflowto overflow
to overflowto overgrowto overhang
to overhangto overhaulto overhear
to overhearto overheatto overheat
to overindulgeto overindulgeto overindulge (sth.)
to overinvestto overjoyto overjump
to overlapto overlapto overlap
to overlayto overlayto overlay
to overleapto overlieto overlie
to overloadto overloadto overlook
to overlookto overmasterto overmaster
to overpayto overpayto overpopulate
to overpowerto overpriceto overprint
to overproduceto overpunchto overrate
to overreachto overreactto overrev
to overrideto overruleto overrule
to overrunto overrunto overrun
to overrunto overrunto overrun
to oversaltto overseasonto oversee
to oversellto overshadowto overshoot
to overshoot (on landing)to overshoot the markto overshoot
to overshootto oversimplifyto oversleep
to oversprayto overstaffto overstate
to overstayto overstayto oversteer
to overstepto overstockto overstrain
to overstrainto overstrainto overstretch
to overstuffto oversubscribeto oversupply
to oversupplyto overtaketo overtake
to overtaketo overtaxto overtax
to overthrowto overthrowto overtop
to overtrainto overtrumpto overturn
to overturnto overturnto overtwist
to overuseto overvalueto overwhelm
to overwhelmto overwhelmto overwhelm
to overwhelm sb. with argumentto overwindto overwork
to overworkto overwriteto ovulate
to oweto owe sb. moneyto owe sb. sth.
to owe sth. to chanceto ownto own (up) to sth.
to own company sharesto ownto oxidate
to oxidizeto oxidizeto oxygenate
to ozonizeto paceto pace
to pace offto pacifyto pacify (baby)
to packto pack awayto pack ones bags
to pack sth. fullto pack upto package
to packageto packetto packetize
to padto pad a number-field with leato paddle
to paddleto paddleto page
to page sb.to paginateto pain
to paintto paintto paint
to paintto paint overto paint the ceiling
to paint the town redto paint the wallsto pair off
to palaverto palisadeto palletize
to palliateto palliateto palm
to palm sth. off on sb.to palpateto palpitate
to palpitateto palsyto palter
to palter withto pamperto pamper
to panto pan for goldto pan-coat
to panderto panderto pander to
to panelto panhandleto panic
to panic at the last minuteto pantto pant
to pantto pantomimeto paper
to paradeto paradeto parallel sth.
to parallelizeto paralyseto paralyse
to parameterizeto paraphraseto parboil
to parboilto parcel out
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