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to parcel outto parchto pardon
to pardonto pareto pare
to pare backto pare down (expenses)to pare down (personnel)
to pare down sth. to the minimto parent sb.to parenthesize
to parkto parkto park contrary to-against th
to park funds (deposit them teto park wronglyto parlay
to parleyto parodyto parody
to paroleto parquetto parrot
to parryto parseto parse
to partto partto part (from)
to part (with)to part from so.to part on amicable terms
to part with sth.to partto partake (of)
to partake (of)to participateto participate (in)
to participate in a fairto particularizeto particularize
to partitionto partitionto partition off
to partyto passto pass
to passto pass (the exam)to pass (through)
to pass (to)to pass a billto pass a dividend
to pass a lawto pass a sentenceto pass a ship through a lock
to pass an actto pass an interlocutory decisto pass away
to pass backto pass byto pass each other
to pass forto pass forwardto pass in
to pass in mourningto pass in reviewto pass into other hands
to pass judgement (on)to pass offto pass on
to pass onto pass outto pass over
to pass sentenceto pass sentence onto pass sth. on
to pass the ball to sb.to pass the buckto pass the night
to pass throughto pass throughto pass through a crisis
to pass throughto pass throughto pass to account
to pass waterto passto pass
to passivateto passivateto paste
to paste (into)to paste intoto paste over
to paste upto pasteurizeto pasture
to pastureto pastureto pat
to patchto patchto patch
to patchto patch upto patch up
to patentto patentto patrol
to patronizeto patronizeto patronize
to patronize sb.to patronizeto patter
to patterto patternto pattern
to pattern oneself on sb.to pauperizeto pauperize
to pauseto pauseto pause for breath
to pause for effectto pauseto pave
to pave the way for ...to pave the way for eventual mto pave the way
to pawto paw at sb.to paw at sth.
to paw the groundto pawnto pay
to pay (a sum)to pay 500 Euros back taxto pay a deposit on sth.
to pay a deposit on sth.to pay a feeto pay a fee
to pay a lump sum forto pay a salaryto pay a visit to sb.
to pay all charges incurredto pay all costs incurredto pay another 20 pounds
to pay any charges for unloadito pay any expenses whatsoeverto pay at the till
to pay attentionto pay attention to stretchto pay back
to pay backto pay by (in) instalmentsto pay by cheque
to pay by standing order (fromto pay cashto pay compensation
to pay court toto pay customsto pay damages
to pay damagesto pay dutyto pay duty on
to pay forto pay for a round (of drinks)to pay in
to pay in additionto pay in advanceto pay in kind
to pay interest onto pay laterto pay like with like
to pay lip serviceto pay money into an accountto pay off
to pay offto pay offto pay off a debt
to pay off old scoresto pay on accountto pay out
to pay sb. a complimentto pay sb. back in the same coto pay sb. back
to pay the piperto pay the restto pay through the nose
to pay tribute to sb.to pay upto peach
to peach onto peakto peal
to peckto peculate
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