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to peculateto pedalto peddle
to peekto peekto peel (potatoes ...)
to peel offto peel offto peep
to peepto peep throughto peer
to peer hard at sb. - sth.to peerto peeve
to pegto pegto peg
to pegto peg away (with)to peg down
to peg sb. as sth.to peg the market priceto peg up
to peltto peltto pelt
to pelt (against the roof)to pelt (at)to pelt along
to pelt downto pelt sb.-sth. withto pen
to pen upto pen upto penalize
to pencilto pencil into penetrate
to penetrateto penetrate (into)to people
to pep upto pepperto perambulate
to perambulateto perceiveto perceive
to perchto percolateto percolate
to peregrinateto perfectto perforate
to perforateto performto perform
to performto performto perform
to performto perform in front of a juryto perform obligations
to perform the courtship displto perfumeto perfuse
to perilto perishto perish
to perishto perishto perish
to perishto perjureto perk
to perk upto permeateto permit
to permit sb sth.to permuteto perorate
to peroxideto perpetrateto perpetuate
to perpetuateto perplexto perplex
to persecuteto persevereto persist
to personalizeto personateto personify
to personifyto perspireto persuade (of
to persuade sb. of sth.to pertain toto pertain to
to pertain to sth.to perturbto peruse
to peruseto pervadeto pervert
to pervertto pesterto pester sb.
to pester sb.to pesterto pester
to petto petto peter out
to peter outto petitionto petition sb.
to petition so.to petrifyto phase
to phaseto phaseto phase in
to phase outto phase outto philander
to philanderto philosophizeto phone
to phosphoresceto photocopyto photograph
to photostatto phraseto phrase a statement as a que
to pickto pickto pick
to pickto pick a bone with sb.to pick a lock
to pick and chooseto pick and placeto pick holes in sth.
to pick offto pick onto pick on sb.
to pick outto pick outto pick out a tune (on the gui
to pick overto pick the wrong manto pick to pieces
to pick upto pick upto pick up
to pick upto pick upto pick up (speed)
to pick up a few examplesto pick up on a pointto pick up so.
to pick up speedto pick up sth.to pick up sth.
to pick up the threadsto pick up where one left offto pick up with sb.
to pick upto pick upto pick up
to pick upto pickto pick
to pickto picketto picket
to pickleto pickleto picnic
to pictureto pictureto picture to oneself
to pieceto piece togetherto piece up
to pierceto pierceto pierce
to piffleto pigeonholeto piggyback (on)
to piggyback (on)to pileto pile (a car)
to pile the fire up (with logsto pile upto pile up
to pileto pilfer
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