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to pillageto pillage and threaten to burto pillory
to pillowto pilotto pimp
to pimpto pinto pin
to pinto pin upto pinch
to pinchto pinchto pinch
to pinch offto pinch outto pine
to pine away (with grief)to pine away withto ping
to pingto pinion sb. against the wallto pink
to pinnacleto pinpointto pioneer
to pioneer sth.to pipeto pipe
to pipe (bird)to pipelineto pique
to piqueto piqueto pirouette
to pissto pit oneself against sth.to pitch
to pitchto pitchto pitch
to pitchto pitch a tentto pitch camp
to pitchforkto pitchforkto pity
to pity sb.to pivotto placate
to placeto placeto place
to place a bank-company into cto place a burden on sb.to place an ad
to place an embargo on sth.to place an order (for)to place back
to place in safe custodyto place into place on the Index
to place oneself close to sb.to place overto place reliance on sb.-sth.
to place sb. on holdto place sth. somewhereto place under disability
to place under house arrestto place underneathto place
to plagiarizeto plagueto plan
to planto plan aheadto plan for the longer term
to plan to do sth.to planto plane
to planeto planeto plane
to plane offto plankto plant
to plantto plantto plant
to plantto plantto plant
to plasterto plasterto plaster on
to plasticizeto plasticizeto play
to playto play (at) chessto play (party) politics with
to play a cat-and-mouse game wto play a gameto play a joke on sb.
to play a part in sth.to play a piece of music to-foto play a prank on sb.
to play a square pass to s.o.to play a tangential roleto play a trick on sb.
to play actto play as a defenderto play at cards
to play at diceto play at dominoesto play at robbers
to play at skittlesto play backto play badminton
to play ballto play basketballto play by the rules
to play cops and robbersto play dance musicto play dice
to play downto play downto play fair
to play fast and loose withto play fast and loose with soto play football
to play footsie with sb.to play for a football clubto play for love
to play for moneyto play for safetyto play for the championship
to play from musicto play handballto play hopscotch
to play in an orchestrato play it by earto play it safe
to play music from tapeto play off sb. against sb.to play patience
to play pinballto play pokerto play pranks on sb.
to play roughto play sb. off-sideto play sb. up
to play tagto play the bagpipesto play the flute
to play the guitarto play the harpto play the leading role
to play the marketto play the second fiddleto play the woman
to play throughto play truantto play up
to play upto play volleyballto play with the children
to play with two strikers (footo playto plead as an excuse
to plead ignoranceto pleadto plead
to pleadto pleaseto please
to pleaseto please sb.to please the eye
to pleatto pleatto pledge oneself to do sth.
to pledge sth.to pley onto plod
to plodto plonk downto plonk
to plopto plotto plot
to plot (against)to plot (against)to plough back
to plough into plough overto plough through
to plough upto plough
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