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to put into wordsTo put it bluntly ...to put it in a nutshell
to put it mildlyto put it onto put it to sb.
to put money asideto put money in escrowto put off
to put offto put off (tillto put off (until)
to put off sb.to put oil on troubled watersto put on
to put onto put onto put on
to put onto put onto put on a dress
to put on a leashto put on a listto put on airs
to put on airsto put on an actto put on an apron
to put on clean beddingto put on clean underwearto put on end
to put on frillsto put on glovesto put on guard
to put on holdto put on holdto put on ice
to put on manualto put on one sideto put on the back burner
to put on the barmy stickto put on the dogto put on the market
to put on the order of the dayto put on the scalesto put on three pounds
to put onto put onto put on
to put oneself outto put outto put out
to put outto put outto put out
to put out a rumourto put out at interestto put out feelers to ...
to put out of actionto put out of tuneto put out
to put people in pigeonholesto put poison downto put pressure on sb.
to put sb. behindto put sb. in a backwaterto put sb. in a position to do
to put sb. in chainsto put sb. in her-his placeto put sb. off doing sth.
to put sb. off his-her strideto put sb. offto put sb. on his mettle
to put sb. on the rackto put sb. on the spotto put sb. to great inconvenie
to put sb. under quarantineto put sb. upto put sb.-sth. in the limelig
to put so. off sth.to put so. on the sick listto put some oomphh into it
to put sth. in concrete termsto put sth. into circulationto put sth. into cold storage
to put sth. on fileto put sth. on layawayto put sth. on show
to put sth. out to airto put sth. over sth.to put sth. up for (at
to put sth. up for saleto put straightto put straight through
to put the bite on sb.to put the blame on sb.to put the blame on sb. for st
to put the car in for a servicto put the car in neutralto put the cart before the hor
to put the clock backto put the clock forward (one to put the fear of God into sb
to put the finishing touches (to put the lid on sth.to put the lid on sth.
to put the responsibility for to put the skids under sb.to put the teeth into a law
to put things straight (with sto put throughto put through
to put through (to)to put throughto put to bed
to put to deathto put to flightto put to school
to put to seato put to shameto put to the acid
to put to the testto put togetherto put together
to put togetherto put turf downto put under
to put under pressureto put underto put up
to put upto put upto put up
to put up (on)to put up a buildingto put up a fight
to put up a good showto put up a scaffoldingto put up for (at
to put up postersto put up resistanceto put up the bank rate
to put up the bannsto put up withto put up with sb.-sth.
to put upto put wood behind the arrowto put
to putto putto put-get sth. back on track
to putrefyto puttto putter
to putterto puttyto puzzle out
to puzzle sb.to puzzleto puzzle
to quackto quackto quack
to quadruplicateto quaffto quake
to qualifyto qualifyto qualify
to qualifyto qualify a statementto qualify for a position
to qualify for a tax reliefto qualify for benefitto qualify for the quarterfina
to qualify for the round of sito qualify so. to do sth.to quantify
to quantifyto quantizeto quarantine
to quarrelto quarrel with sb.to quarrel
to quarrelto quarryto quarry for sth.
to quarterto quarter in barracksto quash
to quashto quashto quaver
to quaverto quaverto quell
to quell (anxieties)to quell (fear)to quell (feelings)
to quell (riot)to quench
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