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to quenchto queryto query
to query sth.to queryto quest (for)
to questionto questionto question
to queueto quibbleto quibble
to quick-freezeto quickento quicken the pace
to quiesceto quietento quieten
to quietento quillto quilt
to quintupleto quipto quit
to quitto quiverto quiz (about)
to quoteto quoteto quote (at)
to quote (from)to quote a priceto quote from an author
to quote pricesto quote sb. for sth.to rabbet
to rabbleto raceto race round
to raceto racemizeto rack
to rack upto rack with beerto radiate (from sth.)
to radiate (from)to radiate (from)to radiate energy-light
to radiate optimismto radiateto radicalize
to radio an SOSto radioto raffle
to ragto rageto rage
to raidto raidto raid
to raid (a bank)to railto railroad a bill
to railroad sb.to rain down (upon)to raise
to raiseto raiseto raise
to raiseto raiseto raise
to raise (a child)to raise a controversyto raise a hue and cry
to raise a litterto raise a loanto raise a monument
to raise a perpendicularto raise a query with sb.to raise a question
to raise an issueto raise fearsto raise hell
to raise moneyto raise taxesto raise the glass
to raise the levelto raise the roofto raise the stake
to raise the temperatureto raise the windto raise to higher power
to raketo raketo rake (into
to rake in moneyto rallyto rally
to rally (round one)to rally roundto ram
to ram sth. into sb.to ram upto ram-raid a shop
to rambleto rambleto ramify
to rampageto rampage aroundto rampage
to randomizeto randomizeto range
to rangeto rangeto range from ... over ... to
to range into range overto rank
to rank 3rdto rank amongto rank among the best
to rank as a great composerto rank so. among the greatto rankle (with sb.)
to ransackto ransackto ransack
to ransomto ransomto rant
to rantto rant (at)to rant (on about)
to rapto rapto rap
to rapto rap at the doorto rap out
to rapto rapeto rape sb.
to rarefyto rarefyto rarefy
to raspto raspto raster
to rateto rate amongto rate as
to rate highto ratifyto ratify
to rationto rationalizeto ratten
to rattleto rattleto rattle at the door
to rattle offto rattle so.to rattle the sabre
to rattleto ravageto rave
to raveto raveto rave (over
to ravelto ravishto ravish
to raw-glazeto rayto raze
to razeto razeto raze sth. to the ground
to razzto re-accommodateto re-address
to re-edifyto re-editto re-educate
to re-educateto re-elevateto re-embark
to re-emergeto re-emphasizeto re-enact a scene
to re-enact sth.to re-enactto re-engage
to re-enlargeto re-enlistto re-enter
to re-enterto re-enter
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