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to re-equipto re-establishto re-evaluate
to re-experienceto re-importto re-introduce animals or pla
to re-launchto re-narrateto re-present
to re-stressto re-useto re-weld
to reabsorbto reaccessto reach
to reachto reach (for)to reach (for)
to reach (for)to reach (sth.)to reach an agreement
to reach an agreementto reach an amicable settlemento reach dry land
to reach into reach its peakto reach maturity
to reach outto reach outto reach sth.
to reach the last fourto reach the last sixteen (in-to reach the quarter-finals
to reacquireto reactto react (on)
to react with a sense of outrato reactivateto reactivate
to read a play with assigned pto read aloudto read between the lines
to read between the linesto read into read in (to)
to read offto read onto read out
to read outto read overto read sb. the riot act
to read the meterto read throughto read to sb.
to read upto read wrongto read
to readto readaptto readjourn
to readjustto readjustto readmit
to readoptto readvertiseto ready
to reaffirmto realignto realize
to realize that ...to realizeto realize
to realizeto realizeto reallocate
to reallocate landto reamto ream
to reanalyzeto reanimateto reap
to reapto reapto reap the benefits of sth.
to reappearto reapplyto reappoint
to reappraiseto rearto rear (snake)
to rear its headto rear upto rear up
to reargueto rearmto rearm
to rearrangeto rearrangeto rearrange the furniture
to rearrestto reascendto reason
to reasonto reasonto reason why
to reassembleto reassembleto reassemble
to reassertto reassessto reassign
to reassignto reassimilateto reassociate
to reassumeto reassureto reattach
to reattemptto reauthorizeto reawake
to reawakento rebaptizeto rebaptize
to rebateto rebelto rebind
to reblockto reboilto rebook
to rebootto rebootto rebound
to reboundto rebroadcastto rebuff
to rebuildto rebuildto rebuke
to rebutto rebuyto recalc
to recalculateto recalculateto recalibrate
to recallto recallto recall a loan
to recall soldiers from Iraqto recall the pastto recant
to recapitulateto recapitulateto recapture
to recedeto receiptto receive
to receiveto receiveto receive
to receiveto receive a direct hitto receive a hit
to receive a knighthoodto receive a severe blowto receive aid on a massive sc
to receive as a giftto receive permission to speakto receive stolen goods
to receive visitorsto recertifyto recertify
to recessto recessto recharge
to rechargeto rechargeto recheck
to recheckto reciprocateto reciprocate
to reciprocateto reciprocateto reciprocate
to recirculateto recirculateto recite
to reciteto reckonto reckon
to reckonto reckon outto reckon up
to reclaimto reclaimto reclaim
to reclaimto reclaimto reclaim
to reclaim a swampto reclaim land from the sea
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