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to reclaimto reclassifyto recline
to reclineto recline (on)to reclothe
to recodeto recognizeto recognize that
to recognize thatto recognizeto recognize
to recoilto recoilto recoil
to recoil (from)to recointo recollect sth.
to recolonizeto recolorto recombine
to recommenceto recommendto recommission
to recommitto recompenseto recompense
to recompileto recomplementto recompose
to recomputeto reconcileto reconcile
to reconcile oneself to sth.to reconcile so. to sth.to recondition
to reconditionto reconfigurateto reconfigure
to reconfigureto reconfirmto reconnect
to reconnectto reconnoiterto reconnoitre
to reconquerto reconsiderto reconsider
to reconsiderto reconstituteto reconstruct
to reconstructto reconstructto reconstruct
to reconstruct (a train of thoto recontaminateto recontrol
to reconveneto reconvertto reconvert
to recopyto recopyto record
to recordto recordto record
to record a TV-programmeto record double-digit growth to record sth. (on tape)
to record sth. directly from tto recountto recount
to recoupto recoverto recover
to recoverto recoverto recover
to recoverto recover consciousnessto recover damages
to recover fromto recover fromto recover from an illness
to recover oneselfto recreateto recreate
to recreateto recrudesceto recruit
to recruitto recruitto recruit
to recrystallizeto recrystallizeto rectify
to rectifyto rectifyto recultivate
to recuperateto recurto recuse
to recycleto recycleto recycle
to red card a playerto redactto redden
to redecorateto redecorateto redeem
to redeemto redeemto redeem
to redeemto redeem (for)to redeem (for) (banknotes)
to redeem (stocks)to redeem a loanto redeem a pledge
to redeem oneselfto redeem sb. from sinto redefine
to redefineto redefineto redefine
to redeliverto redemandto redeploy
to redepositto redepositto redeposit (by water)
to redescendto redesignto redesignate
to redevelopto redevelopto redial
to redigestto redirectto redirect
to rediscoverto redisplayto redisplay
to redissolveto redistributeto redo
to redoubleto redoundto redraft
to redrawto redrawto redress
to redressto reduceto reduce
to reduceto reduce (pressure)to reduce (to
to reduce a fractionto reduce coststo reduce sb. to despair
to reduce sb. to silenceto reduce sb. to submissionto reduce sb. to tears
to reduce speedto reduce sth. to pulpto reduce the density of
to reduce the pressureto reduce the scale of operatito reduce the temperature
to reduce toto reduce to ashesto reduce to small pieces
to reduceto reduplicateto redye
to reefto reekto reek of sth.
to reelto reel offto reel off
to reel off a poemto reelto reelect
to reemployto reengineerto reenter
to reexamineto reexportto refashion
to refastento referto refer
to refer (to)to refer (to)to refer (to)
to refer (to)to refer back (to sth.)
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