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to releaseto releaseto release
to release energyto release into the wildto release on bail
to release sb. from a dutyto release the clutchto release the clutch
to release-introduce animals oto relegate (out of)to relegate (to)
to relentto relieveto relieve
to relieveto relieveto relieve
to relieveto relieveto relieve
to relieve (the load)to relieve oneselfto relieve the distress
to relinquishto relinquishto relish
to reliveto reloadto reload
to reloadto reloanto relocate
to relocateto relumeto rely (on sth.-sb.)
to rely (on sth.-sb.)to rely (on)to rely on conjecture
to rely on sb. for my incometo remainto remain
to remainto remain (in reserve)to remain a bachelor
to remain aloofto remain at the wheelto remain below the perception
to remain celibateto remain dormantto remain on the sidelines
to remain seatedto remain shutto remain silent
to remain stationaryto remain undoneto remain untold
to remain upbeat despite ...to remainto remake
to remandto remanufactureto remark
to remark (to)to remarryto remeasure
to remedyto remedy an abuseto remedy an abuse
to remedy the deficienciesto remeltto remember
to remember sb.-sth.to rememberto remigrate
to remind (of)to remind sb. of sth.to remind sb. to do sth.
to remindto reminisce (about)to remit
to remitto remitto remit
to remitto remit moneyto remix
to remodelto remodelto remodel
to remodelto remonstrate (against)to remonstrate with sb. (on)
to remountto removeto remove
to removeto removeto remove
to removeto remove a standto remove after assembly
to remove retention areasto remove sb. from officeto remove stain
to remove the make-upto remove the saliva by ejectoto remove with emery paper
to removeto removeto remove
to remunerateto remunerate a position with to rename
to rendto rendto render
to render (assistance)to render (of)to render a graphic
to render a serviceto render accountto render bacon
to render effeminateto render sb. immobileto render up (a prisoner)
to renegeto renegotiateto renegotiate an agreement
to renewto renewto renominate
to renounceto renounceto renounce a pleasure
to renounce the worldto renounceto renovate
to renovate a buildingto rentto rent a house
to rentto rentto renumber
to renumberto reobtainto reoccupy
to reoccurto reopento reopen
to reopen a caseto reopen old soresto reoppose
to reorderto reorganizeto reorient
to reorientto repacifyto repack
to repackageto repaintto repair
to repairto repair a buildingto repair the roof
to repairto repassto repatriate
to repay a loanto repay so. for sth.to repay
to repayto repay-reimburse sb. his-herto repeal
to repeatto repeatto repeat after
to repeat sth. after sb.to repeat sth. parrot fashionto repel
to repelto repelto repent
to repeopleto rephotographto rephrase
to repineto replaceto replace (by)
to replace the existing rulesto replantto replay
to replenishto replicateto replicate
to replyto repolishto repoll
to repopulateto report
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