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to reportto report (on)to report an offence (against)
to report backto report for dutyto report in
to report sb. (to the police) to report sickto report to sb.
to reportto reposeto repose
to reposeto repositionto repossess
to repostto repotto reprehend
to representto repress-suppress all memoryto reprice
to reprieveto reprieve sb.to reprieve sb.
to reprimandto reprimandto reprint
to reprintto reprint a bookto reprise
to reprivatizeto reproachto reproach sb. for being late
to reproach sb. for his mistakto reproach sb. with sth.to reprobate
to reprocessto reproduceto reproduce
to reproduce (oneself)to reproduce verbatimto reprogram
to reprogramto reproveto republish
to repudiateto repulseto repulse
to repunchto repurchaseto repurify
to reputeto requestto request
to requestto requestto request a book through inte
to request silenceto request sth. from sb.to require
to requireto requireto require a great deal of ene
to requireto requisitionto requisition
to requiteto requiteto reradiate
to rerailto rereadto reroute
to rerunto resaveto resaw
to resayto rescaleto rescan
to rescheduleto rescheduleto rescind
to rescind a visato rescue (from)to rescue (from)
to rescue sb. from drowningto researchto resect
to reseedto resegregateto resell
to resembleto resendto resent
to reserveto reserveto reset
to resetto resettleto resew
to reshapeto resharpento reshoot
to reshuffleto resideto reside
to resideto residualizeto resign
to resignto resignto resign from
to resign from a clubto resign oneself (to)to resign
to resistto resistto resist corrosion
to resist sth.to resizeto resolder
to resoleto resolve (doubts)to resolve (into)
to resolve (into)to resolve (optically)to resolve (problems)
to resolve an issueto resolve itselfto resolve on sth.
to resolve that ...to resolve to give up smokingto resolve
to resonateto resorbto resort
to resortto resort (to)to resort to sb.
to resort to sth.to resort to violenceto resound
to resowto respeakto respect
to respectto respectto respell
to respireto respireto respond
to respondto respond toto respond to a toast
to resprayto restto rest
to restto restto rest (on
to rest (uponto rest oneselfto rest
to restackto restartto restart
to restateto restituteto restock
to restoreto restoreto restore
to restoreto restore a buildingto restore order
to restrainto restrain oneselfto restrict
to restrict (to)to restrictto restrict
to restructureto restudyto restyle
to resubmit datato result fromto result in
to result in sth.to resumeto resume
to resupplyto resurfaceto resurface
to resurgeto resurrectto resurrect
to resurrectto resurveyto resuscitate
to retto retail
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