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to retainto retainto retain
to retain its valueto retain moneyto retain sth.
to retaliateto retardto retaste
to retchto retellto retest
to rethinkto reticulateto retire
to retireto retireto retire early
to retire from a serviceto retoolto retorque
to retortto retortto retouch
to retraceto retrackto retract
to retract (landing gear)to retrainto retrain
to retransformto retranslateto retransmit
to retreat (from sb.)to retreatto retrench
to retrench (expenses)to retrieveto retrieve
to retrieveto retrieveto retrieve
to retrieveto retrieve (dog)to retroact
to retrofitto retrogradeto retrogress
to retryto retryto retry
to retuneto returfto return
to returnto returnto return
to returnto return (home) in triumphto return empty-handed
to return empty-handedto return hometo return receipt
to return the favour (favor)to return to the foldto return
to returnto retypeto retype
to reunifyto reuniteto reuse
to rev upto revaluateto revalue
to revampto revarnishto reveal
to revealto revealto reveal
to reveal oneselfto revelto revel
to reverberateto reverberate (with)to revere
to revereto reverenceto reverify
to reverseto reverseto reverse
to reverseto reverseto reverse
to reverse (an item)to reverse rolesto reverse sth.
to reverse the polarity ofto revertto revert (to)
to revert to sth.to reviewto review a book
to reviewto revileto revile
to reviseto reviseto revise
to reviseto revisitto revitalize
to reviveto reviveto revive
to reviveto reviveto revive
to reviveto reviveto revive a friendship
to revive interest in sth.to revivifyto revoke
to revoke an offerto revoltto revolt
to revolutionizeto revolutionizeto revolve
to revolveto rewardto reward the courage
to rewarmto reweighto rewind
to rewindto rewireto reword
to rewordto reworkto rework
to reworkto reworkto rework
to rewrite (text)to rewriteto rhapsodize
to rhymeto rickto ricochet
to ridto rid ofto rid oneself of sth.
to ridto riddleto riddle
to ride a bicycleto ride a horse to deathto ride about
to ride for a fallto ride roughshod over sth.to ride tandem
to ride the porcelain godto ride to the houndsto ride
to ridgeto ridgeto ridicule
to riffleto riffle throughto rifle
to rifleto rigto rig
to rig upto rightto righten
to rigidifyto rileto rim
to ringto ringto ring at the door
to ring into ring outto ring
to ringto ringto ring
to rinseto rinse (out)to rinse off
to riotto riotto rip
to ripto rip down
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