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to rip opento rip sb. offto rip sth. to pieces
to ripento rippleto ripple
to ripple (water)to rise (advance) to the positto rise above
to rise from tableto rise from the dead (grave)to rise on tiptoe
to rise to speakto rise to the occasionto rise up against sth.
to riseto riseto rise
to riseto riskto risk
to ritualizeto rivalto rival
to riveto rivetto rivet (on)
to rivetto roadtest a carto roam
to roamto roam aboutto roam around
to roam aroundto roam the streetsto roar
to roar atto roar with laughterto roar
to roarto roastto roast
to roastto roast gentlyto rob
to robto rob Peter to pay Paulto robe
to rockto rockto rock the boat
to rock the boat on the systemto rock the boatto rock wings
to rockto rocket upwardsto roentgenize
to roilto roisterto roll
to rollto rollto roll (over and over)
to roll aboutto roll alongto roll along
to roll aroundto roll around with laughterto roll back
to roll byto roll downto roll down the hill
to roll into roll into roll in
to roll offto roll onto roll on (time)
to roll outto roll outto roll out
to roll outto roll outto roll out the old chestnut
to roll out the red carpet forto roll overto roll over
to roll upto roll upto roll up (into)
to rollbackto rollickto romanticize
to romanticizeto romp aboutto romp through sth.
to rompto roofto roof
to rookto roostto root
to rootto root forto root out
to rope downto rope offto rope up
to rosinto rotto rot
to rot offto rotateto rouge
to rough outto rough upto rough-house
to roughento round downto round down
to round offto round offto round on
to round outto round sth. downto round sth. up
to round upto round upto round up
to roundto rouseto rouse
to routto rout out (of)to route
to roveto roveto rove about
to rowto rub (against)to rub down
to rub downto rub downto rub dry
to rub into rub offto rub off on sb.
to rub oneself soreto rub outto rub salt in the wound
to rub salt into the soreto rub sb. up the wrong wayto rub to a powder
to rub with ointmentto rubber-stamp sth.to rubberize
to ruboutto rueto ruff
to ruffleto ruinto ruin
to ruin oneself (financially)to ruin oneself by speculationto rule
to ruleto rule (over)to rule out
to rule the roostto rule with a rod of ironto rule
to rullto rumbleto rumble
to ruminateto ruminateto rummage
to rummage (in)to rummage about (into rummage out
to rumorto rumpleto rumple
to runto runto run
to runto runto run (for)
to run a bathto run a businessto run a database query
to run a drugstoreto run a feverto run a machine
to run a raceto run a runawayto run about
to run acrossto run across sb.
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