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to save the day for sb.to save through a building andto save
to saveto savorto savvy
to saw offto saw off the branch one is sto saw up
to sawto say firstto say gallant things
to say goodbyeto say goodbye toto say grace
to say hello (to sb.)to say hello to sb.to say hello to sb. for me
to say nothingto say nothing ofto say sth. in sport
to say sth. out loudto say thanksto say that one is coming
to say toto say too muchto say
to scaldto scaldto scale
to scaleto scale downto scale up
to scaleto scaleto scale
to scalpto scalpto scalp
to scampto scamperto scamper
to scamperto scamper down the stairsto scan
to scanto scanto scan
to scandalizeto scar overto scare
to scare awayto scare offto scare sb.
to scare upto scare upto scarify
to scarifyto scarpto scat
to scatheto scatterto scatter
to scatterto scatterto scatter (on)
to scavengeto scavengeto scavenge
to scavenge in the binsto scentto scent
to scheduleto scheduleto schematize
to schemeto schemeto schillerize (rarely used)
to schlepto schmoozeto school
to schoolto schussto scintillate
to scissorto scoff (at)to scold
to scoldto scoldto scoop
to scoopto scoop (on)to scoop out
to scoop outto scoop out waterto scoop up
to scoop upto scootto scorch
to scoreto score (a goal)to score a goal
to score an own goalto score badlyto score by making everybody l
to score wellto scornto scotch
to scourto scourto scour
to scour (for)to scour outto scour out
to scour outto scourgeto scout for sth.
to scout outto scowlto scowl at sb.
to scrabbleto scramto scramble
to scrambleto scrambleto scramble
to scramble a victoryto scramble for sth.to scramble up (sth.)
to scrapto scrapto scrap
to scrap (plans)to scrapeto scrape
to scrapeto scrape a living by sth.to scrape along (on)
to scrape byto scrape by (on)to scrape off
to scrape throughto scrape through an examto scrape together
to scrape togetherto scrape togetherto scrape together (money)
to scrape together sth.to scratchto scratch
to scratchto scratchto scratch off
to scratch outto scrawlto scream
to scream blue murderto scream with painto screech
to screech with laughterto screento screen
to screento screento screen (from)
to screen offto screwto screw around
to screw downto screw offto screw on
to screw sb.to screw tightto screw together
to screwto screwto scribble over completely
to scribeto scrimmageto scrimmage
to scrimp (on)to scrimp and save for sth.to scrobble
to scrollto scroll (the screen)to scroll down
to scroll downwardto scroll upto scroll upward
to scrubto scrubto scrub
to scrub upto scrupleto scrutinize (sth.
to scrutinizeto scryto scuba-dive
to scudto scud
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