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to shed tears over sth.to shedto shed
to shedto shedto shed
to sheerto sheerto sheer away from sth.
to sheer awayto sheerto shell
to shell (peas ...)to shell outto shell prawns
to shellacto shelter (from)to shelter (under)
to shelter seedlingsto shelterto shelve
to shelveto shelveto shelve
to shelveto shepherdto shield (from)
to shiftto shiftto shift
to shiftto shiftto shift
to shiftto shiftto shift
to shiftto shiftto shift
to shiftto shift (onto shift (to)
to shift awayto shift for oneselfto shift freight traffic from
to shift up (down)to shift up a gearto shift
to shilly-shallyto shilly-shallyto shimmer
to shimmerto shimmyto shin up
to shine in front of sb.to shine throughto shine through
to shineto shineto shine
to shineto shipto shirk (from)
to shit a brickto shit onto shit
to shiverto shiverto shock
to shockto shodto shoe
to shoeto shoehornto shoo
to shooto shoo awayto shoot and wound db.
to shoot deadto shoot downto shoot down
to shoot drugsto shoot oneselfto shoot out
to shoot the boltto shoot throughto shoot to death
to shoot upto shootto shoot
to shootto shopto shoplift
to shore upto short-changeto short-change sb.
to short-change sb.to short-circuitto shorten
to shortento shortento shorten
to shortento shorten at the building sitto shortlist sb.
to shoulderto shoulderto shoulder blame
to shoutto shout atto shout down
to shout sth. from the rooftopto shoveto shove away
to shovelto shovelto shovel snow
to show (no) sympathy for sth.to show (no) understanding forto show a deficit
to show a riseto show a surplusto show an interest in
to show aroundto show compassionto show consideration for sb.
to show forbearanceto show ill will towards sb.to show in
to show lossesto show no sign of lifeto show off
to show offto show offto show off in front of sb.
to show offto show oneself ready to do stto show out
to show profitto show respect (for)to show respect to sb.
to show sb. sth. quite plainlyto show sb. understandingto show sb. up
to show sth.to show sth. in a favourable lto show sth. speeded up
to show the way forward (to)to show themselvesto show thumbs up
to show upto show upto show
to showto showto show
to showto showto show
to showerto showerto shower (down)
to shower presents on sb.to shredto shred
to shredto shriekto shrill
to shrillto shrinkto shrink back
to shrinkto shrinkto shrink
to shrinkto shrinkto shrink
to shrink-wrapto shrinkto shrive
to shriveto shrivelto shrivel
to shrivelto shrivelto shroud
to shroudto shrug (the shoulders)to shrug off
to shrugto shuckto shudder
to shuffleto shuffleto shuffle
to shuffle cardsto shuffle offto shuffle off
to shuffle sth. off onto sb.to shun
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