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to shunto shuntto shunt
to shuntto shutto shut
to shut (out of the way)to shut downto shut down
to shut downto shut down (boiler)to shut down a factory
to shut in a wellto shut offto shut off
to shut oneself offto shut sb. upto shut the door tight
to shut upto shut upto shut up the house
to shutto shutto shut
to shutto shuttlecockto shy
to shy (at)to shy away (from)to shy away from sth.
to sichto sickento sidestep
to sidleto sidleto siege
to sieveto siftto sift
to sighto sightto sight-read
to signto sign a statementto sign a two-year let
to sign into sign offto sign off
to sign onto sign oneself outto sign out
to sign overto sign sb. onto sign up
to sign upto sign upto sign up
to sign up for sth.to signalto signal
to signalizeto signalizeto signify
to signifyto signifyto signify
to signpostto silageto silence
to silicifyto siltto silt
to silverto simmerto simmer
to simperto simperto simplify
to simulateto sin (against)to sin against God
to sin against sb.-sth.to sinto sing a duet
to sing altoto sing from musicto sing in a choir
to sing in partsto sing in the choirto sing in tune
to sing off-keyto sing out of tuneto sing
to singeto singe offto single out
to sinkto sink a shaftto sink a well
to sink a wellto sink downto sink in
to sink into sink into povertyto sink through
to sinkto sinkto sink
to sinkto sinkto sink
to sinkto sinterto sip
to siphonto sireto sit a written exam
to sit around indoorsto sit aroundto sit back and take things ea
to sit by the firesideto sit cross-leggedto sit down next to sb.
to sit down on a chairto sit downto sit facing the engine
to sit in judgement on sb.to sit in on a conferenceto sit on
to sit on the benchto sit on the fenceto sit on watch
to sit outto sit together (with)to sit up
to sit up and begto sit up with sb.to sit up
to sitto situateto size
to sizeto sizeto size
to sizzleto sizzleto skank
to skate overto skateto skate
to skedaddleto skelterto sketch
to sketch outto skewto skewer
to skito skidto skim
to skimto skimto skim (over
to skim the creamto skimto skimp
to skimpto skimp (on)to skin
to skinto skin-diveto skip
to skipto skipto skip
to skip workto skipto skirmish
to skirmishto skirmishto skirt
to skitterto skive offto skive
to skulkto slabto slab
to slabto slackto slacken
to slackento slacken the reinsto slag
to slagto slaketo slam
to slamto slam (the door)to slam down
to slam-dunkto slander
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