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to snap backto snap into snap off
to snap opento snap outto snap shut
to snapto snareto snarl
to snarlto snarlto snatch
to snatchto snatchto snatch
to snatch (at)to snatch (from)to snatch at an opportunity
to snatch awayto snatch awayto snatch away sth. from sb.
to snatch awayto snatch sth. from sb.to snatch up
to snatch upto sneakto sneak in
to sneak offto sneak up toto sneer
to sneezeto snickerto sniff
to sniff (at)to sniff at sth.to sniff glue
to sniffleto sniffleto snip (away) (at)
to snipeto snitchto snitch
to snivelto snooker sb.to snoop
to snoopto snoozeto snore
to snorkelto snortto snort
to snort (a drug)to snort with laughterto snow
to snow intoto snowballto snowboard
to snubto snubto snub
to snuff outto snuffto snuffle
to snuggleto snuggleto snuggle up (to each other)
to soakto soakto soak
to soakto soakto soak
to soakto soak (in)to soak (in
to soak into soak upto soak
to soakto soakto soap
to soarto soarto soar up
to sobto soberto sober up
to socializeto socializeto sock sb. on the jaw
to sockto sodto sodden
to sodomizeto softento soften
to softento softento soften
to soften (water)to soilto sojourn
to solaceto solderto solder on
to solder upto solderto sole
to solemnizeto solicitto solicit
to solicitto solicit a saleto solicit custom
to solidifyto solidifyto solidify
to solidifyto solidifyto solidify
to soliloquizeto soloto solo
to solveto solve a problemto solve
to some extentto some extentto somersault
to somnambulateto sootto soothe
to sootheto soothe conscienceto sophisticate
to sophisticateto sorrow (atto sorrow (for
to sortto sort (out)to sort according to size
to sort and put awayto sort itself outto sort out
to sort outto sort the wheat from the chato sort
to sortto soughto sound
to soundto soundto sound
to soundto soundto sound
to sound a personto sound convincingto sound like
to sound outto sound outto sound out the intentions
to sound seriousto sound the alarmto sound the bell (for the las
to sound the depth ofto sound the hornto sound the retreat
to sound the tattooto sound things outto sound
to soundproofto souseto sovietize
to sow (the seeds of) discordto sow discordto sow the seeds of sth.
to sowto spaceto space
to space outto space outto space out evenly
to spadeto spallto spall
to spam sb.to spanto span (with)
to spangleto spankto spar
to spareto spareto spare
to spareto spareto spare
to spare neither trouble nor eto spark
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