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to stumbleto stumpto stun
to stun to silenceto stuntto stupefy
to stupefyto stutterto style
to stylizeto stymieto subclassify
to subcontract (to)to subdivide (into)to subdivide into
to subdueto subdueto subdue
to subject the car to a forensto subjointo subjugate
to subjugateto subjugateto sublease
to subletto sublimateto submerge
to submergeto submitto submit (to)
to submit an offerto submit datato submit to sth.
to subordinateto subordinate (to)to suborn
to subpoenato subscribeto subscribe
to subscribe for a loanto subscribe for sharesto subscript
to subserveto subsideto subside
to subsidizeto subsistto subsist on sth.
to subsist onto substantiateto substantiate
to substantiateto substituteto substitute a striker for a
to substitute B for Ato substitute for sb.to substitute in
to substitute oil for butterto subsumeto subsume
to subsume sth. under sth.to subtendto subtend
to subtitleto subtractto subtract
to subvertto subvertto succeed (to)
to succeedto succourto succumb
to suckto suckto suck away
to suck awayto suck into suck off
to suck upto suck up to sb.to suck
to suckleto sud before the windto sue
to sueto sueto sue for divorce
to sue for libelto sue for peaceto sue sb. for compensation
to sue sb. for libel (slander)to sufferto suffer (from)
to suffer a defeatto suffer a martyrdomto suffer a miscarriage
to suffer a relapseto suffer a setbackto suffer from a disease
to suffer from depressionto suffer lossesto suffer pecuniary loss
to suffer sth.to suffer vicariously with so.to suffer
to sufficeto suffixto suffocate
to suffocateto suffuseto sugar
to sugarto suggestto suggest
to suggestto suggestto suggest
to suitto suitto suit so.
to suit the action to the wordto suit the action to the wordto suit to
to sulkto sullyto sulphurate
to sum upTo sum up, I can say that ...to sum up
to summarizeto summonto summon
to summonto sun oneselfto sunbathe
to sunderto supto superannuate
to superchargeto superimposeto superimpose
to superimposeto superimpose onto superimpose
to superinduceto superintendto supersaturate
to superscribeto supersedeto supervene
to superviseto supplantto supplant (a rival)
to supplement (with)to supplicateto supply
to supply (with)to supply a periodical regularto supply refuse for recycling
to supply the demandto supply the needto support
to supportto supportto support (on)
to support sb.to supportto suppose
to supposeto suppressto suppress
to suppurateto surceaseto surcharge
to surcharge sb.to surfto surf the Internet
to surfaceto surfaceto surfeit
to surgeto surgeto surge
to surge aheadto surge upto surge up
to surmiseto surmiseto surmount
to surpassto surpassto surpass
to surpass oneselfto surpriseto surrender
to surrenderto surrenderto surrender
to surrenderto surrender
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