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to surrender to the hardshipsto surrogateto surround
to surroundto surround (a matter)to surround (by)
to surroundto surroundto survey
to surveyto surveyto survey (maps)
to survey a mineto surviveto suspect
to suspectto suspendto suspend
to suspendto suspendto suspend
to suspendto suspendto suspend (from)
to suspend (operations)to suspend sb.to sustain
to sustainto sustainto sustain a loss
to sustain damage while parkedto sutureto swab
to swabto swaddleto swagger
to swallowto swallowto swallow (up)
to swallow sth. hook, line andto swallow the baitto swallow the pill
to swampto swampto swank (about)
to swank aroundto swap places with sb.to swap sth. for sth.
to swapto swarmto swarm
to swashto swatto swat
to swat atto swat the ball awayto swat
to swatheto swayto sway
to swayto swear at sb.to swear by sth.
to swear like a trooperto swear sb. to sth.to swear
to swearto swearto sweat
to sweat bloodto sweat outto sweep away
to sweep sb. off his-her feetto sweep the boardto sweep the dust off
to sweepto sweepto sweeten
to sweetento sweetento sweeten
to swellto swell upto swell
to swellto swellto swell
to swellto swelterto swelter in the heat
to swerveto swerve (from)to swig
to swillto swill sth. downto swill
to swillto swim across a riverto swim fast and straight towa
to swim outto swimto swindle
to swingto swing a dealto swing down
to swingto swingto swing
to swipeto swipeto swipe
to swirlto swirlto swish
to swishto swishto switch
to switchto switchto switch back
to switch completelyto switch offto switch off
to switch onto switch onto switch on
to switch on the lampto switch onto switch to
to swivelto swivelto swoon
to swoopto swoopto swoop (on)
to swoop (on)to symbolizeto sympathize (with)
to sympathize withto synchronizeto synchronize
to syncopateto synthesizeto syntonize
to syringeto systematizeto tab
to tableto tabooto tabulate
to tabulateto tabulateto tabulate
to tack (with nail)to tack (with pin)to tack weld
to tack-weldto tackto tack
to tackleto tackleto tackle (a problem)
to tackle sb.to tackle the problem of whyto tag
to tagto tag alongto tag along with sb.
to tail offto tail offto tail off
to tail sb.to tailgateto tailgate sb.
to tailorto tailor (to)to taint (reputation)
to taint (with)to taketo take
to take (be onto take (lift) from an albumto take a back seat
to take a backseatto take a bathto take a big risk
to take a bowto take a breakto take a broad view
to take a car for a road testto take a car for a test driveto take a chance
to take a chanceto take a cornerto take a cure
to take a day offto take a deep breathto take a deep breath
to take a dictationto take a dive (deliberately f
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