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to take sth. under advisementto take sth. upto take sth. with a grain of s
to take sth. with equanimityto take stockto take the biscuit
to take the blameto take the bull by the hornsto take the bull by the horns
to take the bunto take the chairto take the chair
to take the countto take the easy way outto take the edge off
to take the edge off sth.to take the edge off sth.to take the goods back
to take the initiativeto take the libertyto take the liberty of
to take the moneyto take the necessary precautito take the offensive
to take the pointto take the rap for sth.to take the responsibility
to take the same lineto take the viewto take the view that
to take thereto take things as they cometo take this occasion to ...
to take toto take toto take to heart
to take to piecesto take to the roadto take turns
to take turns (at)to take umbrageto take up
to take upto take up (with)to take up a pose
to take up a positionto take up residenceto take up space (thing)
to take walkiesto take with a pinch of saltto take
to taketo take-launch a legislative ito take-lead sb. away in handc
to taketo talcto talk about the exhibition
to talk aboutto talk at cross purposesto talk away
to talk gibberishto talk in a whisperto talk in monologue
to talk in platitudesto talk in vainto talk in whispers
to talk oneself into believingto talk over sth.to talk politics
to talk rotto talk rubbishto talk sb. into believing sth
to talk sb. into doing sth.to talk sb. into itto talk sb. into thinking (bel
to talk senseto talk shit about so.to talk shit
to talk shopto talk smutto talk sth. over with sb.
to talk till one is blue in thto talk to all of them-you indto talk to oneself
to talk turkey (with)to talk twaddleto tallow
to tallyto tally upto tally
to tameto tampto tamper
to tamperto tamperto tamper (with)
to tamper with sth.to tamperto tan
to tanto tangleto tangle up
to tangle withto tangoto tank (up)
to tank alongto tantalizeto tantalize
to tantalizeto tapto tap
to tapto tapto tap
to tapto tapto tap
to tap sb. (for)to tap the wireto tap
to tapto tapto tap
to tapeto tapeto tape down
to tape onto tape over a recordingto tape up
to tapeto taperto taper
to tarto tar and featherto tare
to targetto targetto target
to targetto tariffto tarnish
to tarnishto tarnishto tarnish
to tarryto tart oneself upto task
to tasteto tasteto taste
to taste (of)to taste cheesyto taste disgusting
to taste goodto taste mealyto taste piquant
to taste revoltingto tatto tatter
to tattleto tattleto tattoo
to tauntto taunt sb. with sth.to tauten
to tautento taxto tax
to taxto taxito taxi to a standstill
to teach an old dog new tricksto teach Germanto teach sb. to respect one
to teachto teachto tear a hole in
to tear apartto tear downto tear off
to tear opento tear outto tear sb. from limb from lim
to tear sth. to piecesto tear sth. to piecesto tear up
to tear upto tearto tear
to teaseto tease apartto tease out sth.
to teeto tee offto tee off
to teeto teeterto teethe
to teleautographto telecommunicate
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