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to telecontrolto telecopyto telediagnose
to telegraphto teleguideto telemeter
to telemonitorto teleprintto teleprocess
to telescopeto televiseto tell a joke
to tell a lieto tell a long rigmaroleto tell a person lies
to tell a taleto tell allto tell off
to tell offto tell sb. a taleto tell sb. about sth.
to tell sb. sth. outrightto tell sb. what they want to to tell somebody (about) the f
to tell the truthto tell the truthto tell
to temperto temperto temper
to temperto temper the wind to the shorto temporize
to temporizeto temptto tempt
to tendto tendto tender
to tenderizeto tenseto tergiversate
to termto terminateto terminate (a contract)
to terraceto terrorizeto tessellate
to testto test (for)to test sb.-sth. for sth.
to test the watersto testdrive a vehicleto testify
to tether up (an animal)to textto thank
to thankto thank so.to that effect
to thatch a roofto thawto the
to the alert eye it will becomto the best of my beliefTo the best of my recollection
To the best of my remembrance to the bitter endto the cheers of (the crowd)
to the coreto the detriment ofto the disadvantage of
to the extentTo the ladies!to the left
to the leftto the left ofto the main stress on sth.
to the pointto the prejudice of sb.to the right
to the rightto the right ofto the same extent
to the south ofto the split secondto the surprise of all
to the tickto theorizeto thicken
to thickento thickento thieve
to thinto thin outto thin
to thinkto think a lot of oneselfto think about sth.
to think aheadto think aloudto think back
to think clearto think dismal thoughtsto think gloomy thoughts
to think it bestto think much of sb.to think of
to think of each otherto think oneself back (to)to think oneself safe
to think only of oneselfto think overto think sth. up
to think sth.-sb. is goodto think upto think up an excuse
to thinkto thinkto think
to thinkto thirstto thirst for blood
to thirst for sth.to thrashto thrash sb.
to thrash soundlyto threadto thread
to thread sth. (on sth.)to threaten (with)to threaten suicide
to threshto thresh outto thrill
to thrillto thriveto thrive
to throbto throngto throttle
to throttleto throw (stump) sb.to throw a sop to sb.
to throw a spanner in the workto throw awayto throw away
to throw awayto throw backto throw caution to the winds
to throw downto throw into throw in
to throw in the towelto throw in the towelto throw into a dither
to throw light onto throw light on sth. (on theto throw missiles on to the pi
to throw off the humpto throw oneself at sb.to throw out
to throw out the baby with theto throw overto throw over
to throw pearls before swineto throw sb. on the scrap heapto throw sth. overboard
to throw stones aroundto throw togetherto throw up
to throw upto throw upto throw
to throwto throwto throw
to throwbackto thrumto thrust aside
to thrust oneself upon sb.to thrust outto thrust out
to thrust pastto thrustto thud
to thumb throughto thumpto thump
to thump (atto thump aroundto thunder
to thwackto thwartto thwart
to thwartto tickto tick
to tick offto tick off
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