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to tick overto tickto ticket
to tickleto tidyto tidy
to tieto tie a bowto tie a knot
to tie a knot in sth.to tie an agreement to anotherto tie down
to tie for first placeto tie oneself downto tie round
to tie the shoelace in a bowto tie upto tie up
to tie upto tie up moneyto tie up
to tie upto tieto tighten
to tightento tightento tighten (prop wedges)
to tighten a boltto tileto tile a roof
to till (soil)to till the soilto tilt
to tilt at sth.to tilt at windmillsto tilt back
to tilt forwardto tilt outto timber
to timeto timeto tin
to tinctureto tincture (with)to tinge
to tingleto tingle with desireto tingle with excitement
to tingnoise floorto tinkerto tinker (with)
to tinkleto tinkleto tinkle
to tinselto tintto tip away
to tip overto tip overto tip sb. to win
to tip upto tipto tipple
to tiptoeto tiptoeto tire
to tireto titheto titillate
to titillateto titivateto titrate
to titterto to board a ship with violento toady to sb.
to toastto toastto toast
to tobogganto toddleto toddle off
to toddle offto toe the lineto toe the party line
to toe-danceto togto toggle
to toggleto toggleto toil
to toilto tolerateto tolerate
to tollto tollto tone
to toneto toneto toot
to tootto topto top
to topto topto top
to top it offto top offto top out
to top sth.to top the leagueto top up (credit)
to top upto toppleto topple
to torchto tormentto torpedo
to tortureto tossto toss
to tossto tossto toss
to toss and turnto toss sb. for sth.to tot up
to totalto totalto totalize
to toteto totterto totter
to totter from crisis to crisito touchto touch base (with)
to touch downto touch forto touch lightly (on a problem
to touch onto touch so. on the rawto touch someone for 5 Euro
to touch the braketo touch the right cordto touch to the quick
to touch upto toughento toughen
to toughento toughen sb. upto toughen up
to tourto tour aroundto tour the world
to tousleto toutto tout
to toutto toutto tow
to towto tow a shipto tow off
to tow-startto towelto towel oneself
to tower (above)to tower (aboveto tower above
to tower upto toy with the ideato trace
to traceto traceto trace back
to trace back toto trace outto trace sth. to sth.
to trace the principals in a cto trace the sales history of to track
to trackto track a packageto track down
to track sb.-sth.to tradeto trade
to trade (for)to trade in sth. (for)to trade in stocks and bonds
to trade into trade onto trade stocks
to tradeto traduceto traffic
to trafficto traffic (in)to traffic in drugs
to trailto trail
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