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to trailto trailto trail
to trainto trainto train
to trainto trainto train as a teacher
to train downto train sb. into train so. as sth.
to trainto traipseto trammel
to trampto trampto tramp
to trampto tramp downto tramp the earth
to trampto trampto trample
to trample aroundto trample downto trample on
to trample under footto tranquilizeto transact
to transcendto transcendto transcendentalize
to transcodeto transcribeto transcribe
to transcribeto transcribeto transfer
to transferto transferto transfer
to transferto transferto transfer (money to an accou
to transfer a child to anotherto transfer moneyto transfer money from one acc
to transfer sth. to sb.to transfer to new accountto transfer
to transfigureto transfigureto transfix
to transfixto transformto transform
to transformto transform (into)to transfuse
to transfuseto transgressto transgress
to transgressto transgressto transistorize
to translate (into)to translate into Germanto translate sth. into English
to transliterateto translocateto transmigrate
to transmitto transmit by televisionto transmit
to transmogrifyto transmuteto transmute
to transpireto transpireto transpire
to transpireto transplantto transplant
to transportto transportto transport goods
to transport to the spotto transposeto transpose
to transposeto transshipto transsubstantiate
to trapto trapto trap
to traumatizeto travailto travail
to travelto travelto travel about
to travel all over Germanyto travel around the USto travel at a constant speed
to travel by airto travel by airto travel by rail
to travel lightto travel onto travel to Berlin
to travel withto traverseto traverse
to traverseto traverseto traverse
to traverseto traverseto traverse
to traverseto travestyto trawl
to tread a beaten trackto tread carefullyto tread in
to tread new pathsto treadto tread
to treadleto treasureto treasure
to treasure upto treatto treat
to treat (as)to treat a subject sympatheticto treat in hospital
to treat sb. like dirtto treat sb. to sth.to treat sb. with contempt
to treat sb. with familiarityto treat sb. with humanityto treat sth. lightly
to treat sth.-sb. with reverento treat with resinto treat with respect
to treatto treatto treat
to trebleto trekto tremble (with)
to tremble like an aspen leafto trenchto trench
to trenchto trench on (upon)to trend (towards)
to trepanto trespassto trespass (against)
to trespass (onto trespass (onto trespass (on
to trickto trickto trick
to trickleto trickle awayto trickle
to trifleto trifle awayto trifle with
to trigto triggerto trill
to trimto trimto trim
to trimto trim (with)to trim
to trimto tripto trip
to trip upto tripto triple
to triplicateto trisectto triturate
to triturateto triumph (over)to trivialize
to trivializeto trollto troll
to troopto troop (into)
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