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to troop upto trotto trot along
to trot awayto troubleto trouble (for)
to trouble sb. (deeply)to trouble to do sth.to trounce
to trouserto trowto trowel
to trowelto trowel upto truckle
to trudgeto true upto true
to trump upto trumpet forthto trumpet
to truncateto trundleto trundle
to truss (up)to trustto try
to tryto tryto try
to tryto tryto try a case
to try another tackto try onto try really hard
to try sb.to try sb. outto try sth. completely new
to try to ascertain the reasonto try to contact so.to try to establish contacts
to try to get to the bottom ofto try to get to the bottom ofto try to get
to try to kill time (when leadto try to square the circleto try to stop the march of ti
to try to suit everybodyto try to understandto try
to tuckto tuck awayto tuck away
to tuck into tuck into tuck
to tuckto tuckerto tug
to tumbleto tumbleto tumble (leather)
to tumble (over)to tumble off a bicycleto tumble to sth.
to tumefyto tumefy (minerals)to tumefy
to tuneto tune into tune up
to tunnelto tunnelto tup
to turfto turf overto turf sb. out
to turnto turnto turn
to turnto turnto turn
to turnto turn (on a wood lathe)to turn (over
to turn a blind eye toto turn a deaf ear (to)to turn a somersault
to turn a somersaultto turn adriftto turn away
to turn awayto turn away abruptlyto turn back
to turn downto turn downto turn down
to turn downto turn greento turn green
to turn greyto turn into turn in
to turn intoto turn intoto turn into cash
to turn into kitschto turn into sth.to turn into stone
to turn offto turn offto turn off
to turn onto turn on its own axisto turn on the tap
to turn onto turn outto turn out
to turn outto turn outto turn out
to turn out badlyto turn out the lightsto turn out to be good
to turn out to be profitableto turn out to beto turn out well
to turn overto turn overto turn over
to turn over a new leafto turn over goodsto turn pale
to turn professionalto turn professionalto turn red
to turn rightto turn roundto turn round
to turn sb. adriftto turn scarletto turn sour
to turn sth. as far as it willto turn sth. into a media circto turn sth. into its opposite
to turn sth. to good accountto turn sth. upsideto turn the corner
to turn the cornerto turn the heating downto turn the tables
to turn toto turn to accountto turn to another topic
to turn to sb. (for advice)to turn upto turn up
to turn upto turn up the headlightsto turn upside down
to turn wheelsto turn yellowto turnabout
to turndownto tussleto tutor
to twaddleto twangto twang
to twangto tweakto tweak (by)
to twiddleto twineto twine
to twinkleto twirlto twirl
to twistto twistto twist
to twistto twistto twist-distort the facts
to twitto twitto twitch
to twitchto twitterto type
to type (in)to type into type out
to type wrongto typecastto typeset
to typewriteto typify
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