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to typify sth.to typify sth.to tyrannize
to ulcerateto ululate (dog)to ulutate
to umpireto unbagto unbag
to unbarto unbarto unbend
to unbendto unbendto unbind
to unblockto unboltto unbolt
to unbosomto unbosom oneself to sb.to unbraid
to unbuckleto unbundleto unburden
to unburdento unburden oneself of sth.to unbutton
to uncageto uncertainto unchain
to unclampto unclaspto unclasp
to unclenchto uncloakto unclose
to uncloseto unclotheto uncock
to uncodeto uncoilto uncompress
to uncorkto uncoupleto uncouple
to uncoupleto uncoverto uncover
to uncoverto uncoverto uncross
to uncurlto undamto undeceive
to undeckto undeleteto under-insure
to underactto underbidto undercharge
to undercoatto undercutto underdo
to underemphasizeto underestimateto underexpose
to underfeedto underfundto undergird
to undergo a changeto undergo a radical changeto undergo surgery
to undergoto undergoto underlie
to underlieto underlineto undermine
to undermineto underpayto underperform
to underpinto underplayto underrate
to underscoreto undersellto undersign
to underspendto understandto understand
to understateto understateto understate
to understeerto understudyto undertake a task
to undertake sth.to undertake to do sth.to undertake
to undertaketo undertaketo underuse
to undervalueto undervalueto underwhelm
to underwriteto underwriteto undo
to undoto undoto undo
to undoto undo sth.to undo
to undockto undressto undress sb.
to undulateto undulateto unearth
to unfastento unfastento unfetter
to unfixto unfoldto unfold
to unfragmentto unfreezeto unfrock
to unfurlto ungirdto unhand
to unharnessto unharnessto unhide
to unhingeto unhingeto unhinge
to unhitchto unhookto unify
to uninstallto unionizeto unite
to uniteto uniteto unitize
to universalizeto unkennel oneselfto unknot
to unlaceto unlatchto unlatch
to unlearnto unlearnto unleash
to unlimberto unlinkto unlink
to unload stocks on the marketto unloadto unlock
to unlockto unlooseto unmake
to unmaketo unmanto unman
to unmaskto unmateto unpack
to unpinto unplugto unplug
to unquoteto unreelto unriddle
to unrigto unrigto unroll
to unroofto unsaddleto unsay
to unscrambleto unscrewto unseal
to unseatto unsettleto unsettle
to unsettle (faith)to unshackleto unsheathe
to unsheatheto unsnapto unsnarl
to unsolderto unspoolto unstop
to unstrapto unsubscribe
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