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to untackto untagto untangle
to untetherto untieto untile
to untwistto unveilto unveil
to unveilto unveilto unwind
to unwindto unwrapto unzip
to up the anteto upto up
to upbraidto upbraidto upchuck
to updateto updateto upend
to upgradeto upgradeto upgrade
to upgradeto upgradeto upgrade teacher qualificati
to upheavalto upheaveto uphold
to upholdto upholsterto upholster
to upliftto upliftto upload
to upraiseto upriseto uprise
to uprootto uprootto uproot a plant
to uproot a treeto uproot oneselfto uproot sb.
to upsetto upset the applecartto upset
to upsetto upsetto upset
to upstageto upturnto urbanize
to urgeto urgeto urge sb, most strongly to d
to urge sb. to be patient-careto urge sb. to do sth.to urge sb. to do sth.
to urge sb. to hurryto urinateto use
to useto use a pseudonymto use as fuel
to use attack as the best formto use common senseto use contraceptives
to use discretionto use forceto use force
to use government supportto use in buildingto use logic
to use poison gasto use sb. as a whipping boyto use service
to use something as an opportuto use sth. appropriatelyto use sth. as a springboard
to use sth. as leverageto use tactto use these rules
to use to capacity (to the fulto use truncheonsto use up
to use up the credit rangeto use upto use
to usherto usher into usher out sb
to usurpto usurpto usurp
to usurpto usurpto usurp the leading role
to utilize to capacity (to theto utilizeto utilize
to utilizeto utterto utter
to utter a falsehoodto utter a warningto vacantness
to vacateto vacateto vacate a seat
to vacationto vaccinateto vacillate
to vacuumto vacuum-cleanto valet
to validateto validateto validate
to validateto valorizeto value
to valueto vamooseto vamp
to vampto vamp upto vamp up
to vandalizeto vanishto vanish into thin air
to vanish into thin airto vanquishto vapor deposit
to vapor-blastto vaporizeto vaporize
to vaporizeto vaporizeto variegate
to variegateto varnishto vary
to vaultto vaultto vault over sth.
to vault over the buckto vauntto veer
to veerto veerto vegetate
to vegetateto veilto vein
to vendto veneerto venerate
to ventto ventilateto ventilate
to ventureto venture forthto venture on a difficult task
to venture outto venture to come nearto verbalize
to verge (on)to verifyto verify
to verifyto versifyto versify
to vesicateto vestto vest
to vest (in)to vest sth. in sb.to vet
to vetto vetto vet
to vet sb.to vetoto veto
to vexto vexto vibrate
to vibrateto vibrateto victimize
to victualto video sth.to vie
to viewto view
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