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to watch like a hawkto watch out (for)to watch out for
to watch sth. like a hawkto watch TVto water
to water downto water downto water down
to waterto waterproofto waterski
to wattleto waveto wave
to wave aboutto wave hands aboutto wave to
to waverto waverto waver
to waxto waylayto weaken
to weanto weaponizeto wear (shoes) out of shape
to wear awayto wear awayto wear deodorant
to wear downto wear downto wear down
to wear into wear offto wear oneself out
to wear oneself outto wear outto wear out
to wear out (clothes)to wear outto wear out
to wearto wearto weasel
to weatherto weatherto weather
to weatherto weatherto weatherproof
to weaveto weaveto weave
to weaveto wedto wed
to wed (withto wedelto wedge
to wedgeto wedge (in)to wedge in
to wedge offto wedge offto wedge oneself in
to wedge outto weeto weed
to weed outto weento weep bitter tears
to weep forto weep for joyto weep inconsolably
to weepto weepto weigh
to weigh (on)to weigh anchorto weigh down
to weigh downto weigh heavyto weigh out
to weigh sth. on the scalesto weightto weight
to welcometo welcometo welcome sb. with open arms
to weldto weld onto weld through
to weld togetherto weld using an oxyacetylene to well (from)
to welshto weltto welter
to wenchto westernizeto wet
to wetto whackto whack
to whatto wheedleto wheedle
to wheelto wheelto wheel and deal
to wheelto wheezeto wheeze
to whelmto whelpto whet
to whetto whet (appetite)to which extent
to whichto whiffto whimper
to whimperto whineto whinge
to whinnyto whipto whip
to whip into shapeto whirto whirl
to whirlto whirlto whirl
to whiskto whiskto whisper
to whisperto whisperto whisper
to whisper toto whistleto whistle to a close
to white out sth.to white washto whiten
to whitento whitento whitewash
to whitewashto whittleto whittle
to whizto whizto whiz
to whizzto whomTo Whom It May Concern
to whoopto whoop (with joy)to whoosh
to whoreto widento widen
to wieldto wiggleto will
to wiltto win a famous victoryto win back
to win by a canvasto win by defaultto win by more than ten
to win customersto win freeto win great fame
to win on pointsto win out over sb.to win out over sb.
to win overto win overto win sb. over to
to win sb. over to a planTo win the mare or lose the hato win through
to win through to the finalsto winto win
to winceto winchto winch up
to windto wind downto wind down
to wind downto wind itself round sth.to wind up
to wind upto wind up
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