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That is the way to eventual suThat just depends.That just takes the biscuit!
that kinda thingThat makes no difference.That makes the work much easie
That may be so.That might well be so.That must be left up to her.
That needs character.That opens the flood gates to That ought to be done by today
That ought to do.That ought to do.That pleases me no end.
that pleases meThat really is annoying!That really is bad luck!
That really is the limit!That really takes it out of yoThat really was (hitting) belo
That remains to be seen.That remains to be seen.That reminds me ...
That says something for him.That serves him right.That set a precedent .
That settles the matter once aThat settles the matter.That should do the trick.
That sounds good.That sounds good.That sounds reasonable.
That sounds reasonable.That speaks for itself.That speaks in his favour.
That story is as old as the hiThat struck home.That sucks (a big one).
That sucks.That suits you well.That sure was a flop!
That takes just as long.That takes the biscuit!That takes the cake!
That took me a lot of willpoweThat took you a devil of time!That varies.
That was a close call!That was a close shave.That was a great help.
That was a great moment in herThat was a heck of a job.That was a scream.
That was a vile thing to say.That was decent of him.That was incredibly interestin
That was just her fancy.That was just what he is waitiThat was mad.
That was not aimed at you.That was the last straw.That was too funny for words.
That was unnecessary!that wayThat way please!
That will be all for the preseThat will be his undoing (ruinThat will come to nothing.
That will do (enough).That will do.That will get you nowhere.
That will lead to nothing.That will really give her foodThat will wear off in time.
That worries me.thatchthatched roof
thatched roofthatched roofsthatched roofs
thatched with strawthatcherthaw
thethe ... question and its many the ... the
the 1996 vintagethe above-mentionedthe absurd
The accident claimed three livThe accident has been put downThe accident was due to carele
the actual situationthe actualities (of a sphere)the actualities of (17th centu
the actualities of the situatithe adjoining countryThe administrative fee must be
the advancing yearsthe AegeanThe affair has now reached suc
The air was blue.The airplane becomes airborne.the alert listener
the alleged perpetratorthe Alliesthe Americas
the AmishThe amount involved is EUR 1.5the Ancients
The annual average snowfall lethe answer isthe answer to a problem
the answer to this problemThe appliance will be put intoThe argument is self-contradic
the art of the ancient worldThe article is intended for exthe artistic involvement with
the artsthe AscensionThe athmosphere-mood turned.
The avalanche hazard is high-lthe axeThe baby slept 12 hours solid.
the BalkansThe ball is in his court.The ball went out (of play).
The Ballad of Mack the Knifethe Baltic StatesThe band begins to play.
the bane of his lifethe barthe barely penetrable jungle
The batteries provide enough pthe battle of JenaThe Battle of the Bulge
the Bavarian Forestthe beamsthe beauty and magic (of sth.)
the bedding of the engine inruThe beer is brewed in the timethe bell chimed
the bell chimesthe belovedthe Berlin Wall
the best one could possibly imthe best result so farthe best thing since sliced br
The best things in life are frthe best-of-breedthe big apple
the biggest foolthe birds and the beesthe black Maria
the black sheepThe blame lies with her.the Blessed Virgin Mary
the blindthe blood rushed into her headthe blues
The book came to-caught my attThe book embraces the fields oThe book is addressed to young
the Book of EzraThe book sells well.The book sells well.
the bootThe boots reached up to his knthe boys in blue
the brains behind (the operatithe breakdown of the negotiatiThe Bremen Town Musicians
The British Commonwealth of Nathe Britishthe broader environs of ...
The burglar was set free.The bus is behind schedule.the business fared well
The button has come off.the calming influenceThe cancellation is effected b
The candidate was given a big The car delivers a distinctly The car hurtled down the hill
The car is in good repair.The car is worth diddly-squat.The car really copped it.
The car somersaulted several tThe castle looks as impressive
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