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the Catholic Churchthe Caucasus Mountainsthe challenges that lie in sto
The children kicked over the tthe chosen fewthe chosen one
the chosen peoplethe chosenthe chronically sick people
the circumstances of the accidthe circumstances of the offenthe city
the city of PragueThe cleverer give in.The Client shall indemnify and
the climate of opinionthe climate of public opinionThe closest-next larger town i
The coast is clear.The cock crows on the dung heathe cock of the walk
The color drained from her cheThe colours do not match.The Comedy of Errors
The committee meets in differethe common peoplethe common run of mankind
the common touchThe company ABC operates now uThe company is anxious to impr
The company went belly up.The comparison is misleading.the component parts
The conditions overleaf are anthe Confusion of Tongues (biblThe consequences cannot yet be
The consequences were such thathe constant nose blowingthe Continent
the ContinentThe contract is null and void.the contractions started
the contrarythe conventional wisdomThe correct motion-throw-techn
the correct orderthe cost amounted to ...The couch folds out.
The country is fit for globalithe countryside around Chemnitthe course of events
the course of historyThe courses are in great demanthe court applied to
The court is sitting.the creamthe cream of the crop
the Creatorthe crowdthe cube of nine
The curtain will rise at 8.the customs of those daysthe daily grind
the damnedestThe Danish team produced the tThe dark clouds finally dissip
The darkness urged us to hurrythe date of this notationThe date slipped my mind.
The DAX has risen to a new higthe day after tomorrowthe day before
the day before yesterdayThe day turned out to be a finThe day was still untouched.
the deadThe deeper meaning remained obThe delayed train to Dresden,
The denunciation shall take efThe design is hard to make outthe desired effects and potent
The detention pending trial wathe developed worldthe developing world
The devil dances in an empty pThe devil finds work for idle The devil is in the details.
the devil of toothacheThe devil takes the hindmost.The devil takes the hindmost.
The Devil with the Three GoldeThe dew had laid.THE dictionary
The die is cast.The digestion process is run uthe director together with his
the discipleship of ChristThe disease is contagious.the disputed point
The dividend has been declaredThe Divine ComedyThe documentation of the incid
The dog wagged its tail.The door closes automatically.The driver peered through the
The driver was unhurt.The dust has settled.The dye comes off this shirt.
The early bird catches the worThe earth is a sphere.The economy is ailing.
The effect consists in that ..the eleven (players) (footballthe emancipation of women
The Embassy avails itself of tThe Embassy presents its complThe end is not far off.
The end justifies the means.the engaged coupleThe engine runs by a battery.
the engineersthe England v(ersus) Italy fixthe English
the Enlightenmentthe entitledthe envisaged measures
the essential provisionsthe establishmentThe Euro causes prices to rise
the European Free Trade AssociThe event was rained offthe events of the past few day
the eventual outcome (of a matthe eventual winnerthe ever present feeling
the ever-increasing problemthe evil eyethe evil in the universe
the exact postagethe exact timeThe exception proves the rule.
the existing shortcomingsthe expected penalty (for an oThe expression on her face did
The extravagant style has giveThe eyes of love are blind.The fact of the matter is this
the facts (of the case)the fair sexthe Fall of Man
the fall of the Berlin WallThe fat is in the fire.the fat one
the federal governmentThe Federation encroaches on tThe fee is charged on the basi
The feeling is mutual!The feelings have cooled down.the Fiend
The film is about someone who The film was scored by ...The film
the Final Solution (exterminatthe fine artsThe first day a guest, the thi
The first movement is divided the first that comes alongThe first year of a loving rel
The Fisherman and his WifeThe flag is down.the flood, the consequences of
the FloodThe fog lifted.the following day
The food-meal lies heavy on myThe form must be accompanied bthe formative years of life
the formerthe forthcoming bookthe forthcoming movie
the Fortress Europethe fourth estatethe Free State of Saxony
The Frog Prince, or Iron Henrythe front rowthe fruits of the earth
the fryThe fun took a serious end.The funniest part about it is
The furniture industry is showThe game ended in a tie.The game is not exactly inspir
The game is not worth the candThe game is up.the Garda Síochána, the Gard
the gas dispute between Russiathe general and the particularthe general public
The general rule-principle is the Generation D
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