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to (de)flocculateto (go to) workto (have to) put a lot of work
to (narrowly) escape relegatioto 911to a certain degree
to a certain extentto a great extentto a great extent
to a greater degreeto a large extentto a large extent
to a lesser extentto a manto a vast extent
to abandonto abandonto abandon
to abandon a burning shipto abandon a businessto abandon a claim
to abandon a mineto abandon a planto abandon a policy
to abandon a positionto abandon a projectto abandon a security
to abandon a shipto abandon an enterpriseto abandon and cede
to abandon sb.to abandon the gold standardto abandon
to abandonto abaseto abash
to abateto abateto abbreviate
to abbreviate a textto abdicateto abdicate
to abdicateto aberrateto abet
to abetto abhorto abide by a contract
to abide by a decisionto abide by the lawto abide by the regulation
to abide by the rulesto abide byto abide
to abideto abideto abide
to abjureto ablateto abnegate
to abolishto abolish censorshipto abolish frontiers
to abolish restrictionsto abominateto abort
to abortto abortto abound
to aboundto abound (in)to abound (with)
to abradeto abradeto abrase
to abreactto abridgeto abridge a book
to abrogateto abscond (from)to absent oneself from
to absolveto absolve (from)to absolve (of)
to absolve from a promiseto absorbto absorb
to absorbto absorbto absorb shocks
to absorbto abstain (from)to abstain from sth.
to abstain from votingto abstain from votingto abstract
to abstractto abstractto abstract (a well)
to abstract (from)to abuseto abuse
to abutto abutto abut against (a layer)
to abut against (layer)to accedeto accede
to accede (to sth.)to accede (to)to accent
to accentuateto acceptto accept
to acceptto accept a bidto accept a bill
to accept a contractto accept a doctrineto accept a job
to accept a presentto accept an offerto accept an order
to accept definitelyto accept inputto accept sth. without critici
to accessto accessionto acclaim
to acclaim so.to acclimateto acclimate (to)
to acclimatizeto accommodateto accommodate
to accommodate the demandto accommodateto accompany
to accompany backto accompany hometo accomplish
to accomplishto accomplishto accord
to accord sb. sth.to accord withto accost
to account forto account forto account for
to account forto account forto account oneself lucky
to accouterto accoutreto accredit
to accreteto accrueto accrue
to accrueto accrue (to)to accumulate
to accumulateto accumulate bacteriato accumulate inventories
to accumulateto accumulateto accuse
to accuse (of)to accuse falselyto accuse sb. of a crime
to accuse sb. of an offenceto accuse sb. of having done sto accuse sb. of sth.
to accuse sb. of treacheryto accustom (to)to acerbate
to acetifyto acheto achieve
to achieveto achieveto achieve (a result)
to achieve (aims)to achieve great proficiency ito achieve superstar status
to achieve unanimityto acidifyto acidize
to acknowledgeto acquaintto acquaint
to acquiesceto acquiesceto acquire
to acquireto acquireto acquire
to acquire a bed-wetting habitto acquire a habit
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